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Everyone was looking at me, and I couldn't handle all of the rude comments and the laughing. I ran into the bathroom, the one that was right next to the video that was playing on the walls. I went into a stall and took deep breaths. This was not happening. Our plan was not just ruined. This is not happening.

What would the principal think now? Surely, he'll be seeing the video soon and what if he believes Hunter and Cassidy over us? Since they got to him first? He'll think that we're making the stuff up about them, just because they told on us.

I heard the stall door open and I could see those familiar pointy boots walking into the bathroom. I hoped that it was Harry, but I knew it was Scottie.

I opened the stall door, and pulled him in, before locking the door behind him.

"What are we gonna do now?" I groaned, sitting down on the closed toilet seat.

"Stick to the plan. We just, we need to be more convincing with it. We have to act like nothing's wrong with the video okay? He's gonna call you in soon, just act like you have no idea why everyone's freaking out about the video. When he says it's you and Harry, just pretend to be shocked and say that it was me. He will then call me in and probably let you go so he can question me, and I'll do the same thing. I don't know what we're gonna do about Harry, though," he said, sounding stumped. I was too. I knew I had to text him and tell him what happened, but what would he do about telling on Hunter? Would he just go in and tell Principal Lynch, or should he wait until this mess dies down?

But he can't wait, otherwise it wouldn't go with our story. We have to convince the principal that Hunter took Harry's phone and called him off of it to quit. Harry has to pretend that Scottie gave him his phone back and told him everything, so then he goes to the principal. So do we just do as planned? We have to.

"Okay, yeah. I'll just text him and fill him in on what's happening before the principal calls me down. It'll all be fine," I said, mostly to reassure myself. I was having major anxiety about all of this.

I got my phone out to text him, and typed as quickly as possible.

"Hey. We hit a bump in the road. Hunter & Cassidy showed the school the 'proof', so the cat's out of the bag. Plan will go as normal though, so just act like you have no idea what the principal's talking about if he asks. I'll see you later, okay?" I quickly sent. Even when I'm in a hurry, I still text correctly. No abbreviations for me.

I didn't get a chance to wait for his reply, as I heard the intercom go off. I looked above me, praying that they wouldn't say what I thought they would say.

Sure enough, they did, "Miranda Groves, may I please see you in the principal's office?" I heard a man say. Probably Principal Lynch.

I quickly sent another text to Harry, "Don't reply to this. Xxxx," just in case they try to read my texts or something. I don't know, I never get called down to the principal's office. I don't know what their protocol is.

Regardless, I decided to delete all messages that I've ever sent to Harry, as well as his responses, before I turned my phone off.

I looked up at the clock on the wall of the bathroom and the time read 7:39, which meant that 1st hour has already begun and both Scottie and I have missed it.

"I better go," I stated, walking to the mirror to fix myself up. I might as well look presentable when I'm finding out my fate.

I fixed my hair, which had slightly fallen out of my bobby pins, and I wiped off any smudged makeup under my eyes.

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