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September 5th, 2014

"Why did you want to switch out of Algebra, again?" The bored lady sitting behind the desk asked me, and I wanted to roll my eyes. I've only said this a thousand times, now.

"I didn't sign up for it, and it has nothing to do with my major. I've already taken it as well, so I see no point in paying $500 for such an irrelevant class," I explained, trying my best to be polite. I've spoken to 3 different ladies already, all who have claimed that my schedule is final and there is nothing they can do. But I don't understand how that's correct, when I didn't put that damn class on the schedule? So now I'm talking to the supervisor, who doesn't seem like the most pleasant lady in the world.

"Every course we offer is relevant," She snapped, and I cringed, not liking the direction this was going in. "You're eighteen, correct?"

I nodded my head, hoping she could do something about this. For one, I hate math. And then there's the fact that Harry's my teacher again. I appreciated the fact that he got a job in New York City. I appreciated it a lot, actually. He moved to a different fucking country, quit his job in Holmes Chapel, just so he didn't have to be away from me. Now tell me he isn't the best human being in the entire world.

"Okay, then we don't need your parents here. You're absolutely positive you want to switch out of this class, right? Once we get you out, there's no going back," she glanced up at me, digging her eyes into me as she waited for my response, and to be honest, I felt quite intimidated by her.

"A hundred percent. Anything to do with math is not my cup of tea," I stated, and when she looked at me dumbly, I realized I was speaking in British slang, something most Americans weren't familiar with. I need to get used to that if I'm gonna live in New York for the next few years.

She simply nodded her head, leafing through a bunch of papers before she found the one she needed, a thick packet. She went through the pages, before finally folding it over the staple and setting it in front of me, along with a black pen.

"This is just a packet explaining that once you sign this you can't get back into the class. It also states that the class will appear as a drop out on your transcript, however, since it was our mistake, it won't even be on your transcript. You will be fully refunded, and then we can reschedule you into a different class." I nodded, grabbing the pen as she gestured to it. "Just sign there, and date here, please." Wow, she has manners. "And I can't do the scheduling for you, that's where Mrs. Dunham comes in, so you'll have to schedule an appointment with her to discuss that."

I smiled at her, signing the papers before handing them to her, along with the pen before saying, "Thank you so much, this means a lot."

She huffed, nodding her head in a 'you're welcome' kind of way, and my eyes widened. They need friendlier staff here.

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