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That week went by really fast, and so did the next, and not once did Mr. Styles, or Harry, so much as glance at me. I was really confused to be honest, because I didn’t even do anything. It literally went from joking in the hallway while he helped me with my homework, to him acting like I was just another student.

Which, I guess I was. It’s not like I’m special, but he never treated me like this before and I don’t understand it.

I’ve wanted to confront him multiple times during this week and last, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s not a simple thing to ask your teacher why they’ve been acting so distant, because he’s your damn teacher. So I just grin and bared it.

It’s not like it’s really effected me that much anyways, I mean yeah it sucks, but I barely know the guy so it’s not like I lost my other half. It just hurts a little bit, but not as much as those novels that you read make it sound. I’m not in love with him, though, so that may be a reason.

It was now the 4th week of school and I went into first period at the latest possible time everyday because I didn’t want to have to sit in his classroom for longer than I had to. Scottie and I normally just waited next to his door until the late bell rang, in which he’d leave for his class and I’d continue to wait until last second to go inside.

Normally, Mr. Styles stays in his classroom and sits at his desk until the bell rang but today was different.

I heard a phone ring and I looked around the practically deserted hallway, minus the few kids running to their next class so they’re not late, and couldn’t find the source.

That is until I realize it’s coming from inside Mr. Style’s class room. I have about a minute or two until I have to go into the classroom so I just continue to lean against the lockers that are right next to his open door, but I’m out of site to Mr. Styles and the rest of the students in the class room.

The ringing stopped and I heard a chair rolling before I heard a soft thud of footsteps coming toward the door. I sincerely prayed that it wasn’t Mr. Styles walking out but I had a gut feeling that it was.

I rolled my eyes at my luck and prepared myself to start walking to the bathroom but then the footsteps stopped.

“Hello?” I heard him say, and it took me a few minutes to realize he was talking on the phone.

“I’m at the school, babe, what do you need?” He said and my heart dropped at the word ‘babe’. that shouldn’t hurt this much, should it?

“Listen, I’ll come pick you up at 4, okay? And we can go do whatever you want. But I gotta go, class starts in roughly 30 seconds. Okay, love you too. Bye,” He said and I barely heard his footsteps walking back to his desk.

The bell rang and I couldn’t bring myself to care. My feet carried myself to the bathroom where I locked myself in a stall and laid my sweatshirt over the toilet seat before I sat down.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at myself, why does it even bother me? It’s not like we’re dating and he’s been ignoring me for two weeks. He’s probably talking to fucking Whitney. I bet you she’s really his girlfriend and he just fed me all of that bullshit.

And before you make assumptions, no I am not sitting in a bathroom stall crying over my teacher. I’m simply sitting in a bathroom stall so I don’t have to go to my dumbass teacher’s class today because I’m sure if I did, I’d be sending him some serious daggers. I’m not gonna let him get to me, we hung out like what, twice? And yeah, I have a crush on him but who cares? He’s avoided me for two weeks and he has a girlfriend so fuck him. I don’t need him. 

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