Alexander Hamilton x Reader One shot I mean kinda I'll just let you decide.

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This is based on a chapter of WhatTheWoof's fangirl book. Go follow her, she's cool, and Hamiltrash as well. XD

Your POV:

You were awake at 4 AM, just finishing a French essay that was due in 4 hours. Sh*t.

You were super tired, but you were almost done, so you were pushing through the exhaustion, though you could barely hold the pencil up. You dozed off for a few minutes.

*spooky noises* oooOOOHHH, dream sequence!!!:

You were dreaming about Hamilton. As always. You weren't ashamed! You weren't gonna let the narrator tease you! (Livvie: I'm not judging, trust me, I do the same...)

Alexander Hamilton was just standing there. You turned into a blushing, stuttering mess. "U-uh! Hi!" You said, flushing. He said nothing. "God, I wish you were still alive..." You muttered, your pupils nearly turning into hearts. Suddenly, you were falling.

You woke up with a start, and realized you had accidently scribbled all over your page. "Sh*t..." You murmered, flipping your pencil over to the eraser side.

"Language!~" A super familiar voice sang. You gasped and whipped around.



George Washington. (I'm going to start saying that. XP)

"A-Ale- I mean! Mr. Hamilton?!?" You yelped, blushing. "Oui. And who might you be, miss?" He asked politely. Holy crap he looked hot in those jeans and a t shirt.

"Uuhh. Y/n L/n! It's such a pleasure to meet you, I'm such a fan of yours, you have no idea! Can you tell I'm fangirling? When I'm fangirling I ramble, and I think I'm rambling now so I'll just shut up so I can hear your silky voice." You rambled.

"What?" He asked, amused.

"What?" You replied, feigning stupidity. "Anyway! How the heck are you here? Aren't you....dead?" You asked, confuzzled (I say that a lot, it means confused. Just do you know.) as F.

"Well, you know your dream a couple minutes ago? You wished I was still alive? That sorta happened. I'm a ghost, but whatever. Anyway, watcha doing?" Alexander asked. You motioned to your French paper. "An essay. Wanna proofread it?" You asked, blushing again as he made eye contact.

Hamilton scanned the page and scoffed. "Do you mind?" He asked, grabbing the pencil and sitting on the chair, next to you. "Uhh, not at all!" You said, bright red. He completely rewrote the paper and handed it back to you, brushing his hands off as he did.

You thanked him.

You would get an A+ for sure!

He followed you around all of the next day, and grinned as your Frnch teacher gave you an A+ and a cookie! Alexander seemed to be invisible to everyone else, so that was good! During lunch, you secretly gave him half of the aforementioned cookie.

The ghost followed you around for the next week, and it started bordering on creepy. He would leave you alone when you showered, went to the bathroom and got dressed, but otherwise he was always with you.

You eventually decided he was stalking you, and called up an exorsist.

He came to your house immediately.

Oh god.

"Uh... this is a weird week. Do you happen to be Thomas Jefferson?" You asked.

"You got it, pretty lady." He said. "Now where is the patient?" He asked. You took him into the kitchen, where Alexander was making a sandwich. (Peanut butter and Nutella, if you were wondering.)

Thomas' eyes widened with rage, as did Alexander's as the made eye contact.



They stepped towards each other, then started slap fighting. You stood, frozen, in half awe and half confusion. How drunk were you?

You let them slap fight for about 3 minutes, before coming to your senses and pulling them apart. "What the F..." You muttered, shaking your head.

You woke with a start, your French paper on the desk in front of you.


It was all just a really, really weird dream.


A/n: Okaysothiskindasuckedbutihadfun.

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