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Another life to live by EzBrezy27
Another life to liveby EzBrezy27
Alexander Hamilton thought this was the end. He had been shot in the chest by his frenemy (friend enemy) Aaron Burr and had died with his wife at his side. He expected t...
Leslie Odom Jr. X Reader by IrelandSeeker
Leslie Odom Jr. X Readerby IrelandSeeker
I just haven't seen one, so I guess I will try. You were just a 25 year old woman, in NY trying to make it. You work at a coffee shop not too far away from the theater...
Snapped. (Thomas Jefferson X Reader) by PawPerson101
Snapped. (Thomas Jefferson X Reade...by PawPerson101
This was it. Your life was over. Your best friend, Alexander had said about someone he knew needing a model for a year long photography project. Of course, he'd voluntee...
Flowers Amongst the Garden | John Laurens Love Story by solitude_sof
Flowers Amongst the Garden | John...by ◇ s o l i t u d e ◇
~ "Schuyler." The name has formality, grace, elegance, charm and riches... Four daughters. A sassy know-it-all, a kind cinnamon roll, a bittersweet rule-follo...
What The King Wanted (King George III) by hamilcasting
What The King Wanted (King George...by Jess(ica Drew)
NO LONGER BEING WRITTEN "It was just one dinner. But I suppose that's all it takes to fall in love." (Not 100% historically accurate I know Jonathan is gay as...
we ran out of time - John Lauren's by robloxbiatch
we ran out of time - John Lauren'sby robloxbiatch
"they really did write like they were running out of time." - Alexander Hamilton
The Illusion of Time by PennNamedQuill
The Illusion of Timeby JustAWriter
You are a smart, inventive, yet average college student trying to get your master degree, but you have one problem. You suck at history, American to be exact. You are of...
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
HAMILTON ONE-SHOTS by CosplayLover213
Requests Closed for a little while! A bunch of random Hamilton one-shots! I will try to update as much as I can. Thank you for all the reads!!! :)
My Idol {Lams SoulMate AU} by PBandJohnLaurens
My Idol {Lams SoulMate AU}by dear connor murphy
If you write something on your arm, it will appear on the same arm of your soulmate. Until you find your soulmate, everything is in black and white. Alexander Hamilton...
Butterfly With a Bullet - A Lafayette X Reader Fanfiction  by solitude_sof
Butterfly With a Bullet - A Lafaye...by ◇ s o l i t u d e ◇
- Just another woman? Symphony apon Symphony plays as your feet lead you across the dance floor, you looked elegant and just stunning, you catch the eyes of many eligibl...
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {*~Modern~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton Boyfriend...by xXDerpyPepsiXx
Yeah. This author has no life and is bored, let's see what we get outta this...
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and some other stuff too) by miss_phee
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton(and so...by 🌸𝙊𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖🌸
Authors: @miss_phee, @emo-and-exhausted premise: we kidnap hamilton characters at awkward moments and force them to react to a musical about themselves(as well as basica...
~ Hamilton Imagines & One-Shots for the Soul ~ by pensivepanda33
~ Hamilton Imagines & One-Shots fo...by pensivepanda33
Many different imagines and one-shots all dealing with the musical Hamilton. Dig in and happy reading. (Comment, vote, and request) COVER AND CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE!!!
Hamilton x Reader Oneshots by Vocalfangirl90
Hamilton x Reader Oneshotsby america's ass
A collection of random Hamilton X Reader one shots. Both AU, Modern and Hamiltime (Requests are always open!) Highest Rankings: #1 in philip, August 5th 2018 #1 in hami...
Hamilton x Reader oneshots by helplessjay
Hamilton x Reader oneshotsby 💛
One shots of Hamilton characters! All stories are x female reader unless requested otherwise! Will include both smuts and fluffsss! Requests are welcome and encouraged ☺️
Raise A Glass To Freedom by GoldsberryDiggs
Raise A Glass To Freedomby equinox
What happens when a university student in 21st century Washington, arrives in New York City... on the brink of the American Revolution? It all started when Katherine we...
OLD RIVALRY || Philip Hamilton x Reader by Julianna_isme
OLD RIVALRY || Philip Hamilton x R...by julianna
"Hamilton." "Jefferson." ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Y/n and Philip were born to hate each other. She was a Jefferson and he was a Hamilton. Th...
To the Present (Hamilton reacts+ xreader) by Mythical_stars
To the Present (Hamilton reacts+ x...by 🌈 Wolfie🌈
What happens if the hamilsquad appear in your bedroom? what happens when you take them to see hamilton? well read to find out (DISCLAIMER: Hamilton doesn't belong to me...