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Wait For It {Aaron Burr x Reader} by buzzfeed_unsolved9
Wait For It {Aaron Burr x Reader}by R.Boo (T.Jeff) ❤👻
Y/N Hamilton is Alexander Hamilton's twin sister. When they were young, their father left, their mother died and their older brother abandoned them. They moved in with a...
  • musical
  • schuylersisters
  • mulligan
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton by fullofcrazyness
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby The Fangirl
This is gonna be a story about the characters from Hamilton watching the musical. (ps. I'm not actually going by historical physical characteristics. they go with the or...
  • elizaschuylar
  • georgewashington
  • probably
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Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton by Gllllow
Hamilton Reacts to Hamiltonby Glo
//COMPLETE AS OF: Nov 26, 2018\\ //Number One in:\\ °hamiltonmusical °aaronburr ||[COVER ART CREDIT GOES TO chaoslindsey ON TUMBLR//ANY ART USED, THE CREDIT GOES TO RE...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • hamilton
  • react
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Hamilton x Reader Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by lookitsasnake
Hamilton x Reader Oneshots (REQUES...by Livvie
Hamilton x Reader Oneshots, just like the title! Please fill our the request sheet if you want to request something, okay? Thanks loves! ♡♡Livvie♡♡ Cover by @TurtlesAnd...
  • georgeiii
  • hamilton
  • mulligain
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Another Hamilton college AU (LAMS) by carnivalticket
Another Hamilton college AU (LAMS)by carnivalticket
Meet the newest transfer to King's College, Alexander Hamilton. (lams, I just wanted to give this a shot) (also it sucks so if you wanna read it go ahead but I don't kno...
  • hamilton
  • johnlaurens
  • hamiltonau
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The American Tale: Ham21st Century by concrete_tongue
The American Tale: Ham21st Centuryby concrete_tongue
***No smut or oneshot (that would be a another thing entirely) Someone really close to me just ran out of fanfictions to read, and she loves Hamilton. So I decided to...
  • aaronburr
  • herculesmulligan
  • jamesmadison
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Hamilspam by wingedruby
Hamilspamby wingedruby
Can you rap all of My Shot? Does a photo of Pippa send you close to tears? Do you break into song any time anybody says a lyric, intended or not? If you answered yes to...
  • washingdad
  • ham4ham
  • everybodygiveitupforamericasfavoritefightingfrenchman
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Hamilton Middle School! AU (Mostly Rarepares) by Arron-Birb
Hamilton Middle School! AU (Mostly...by Ronnie, Ross, or Aaron.
This is pretty self explanatory. There will probably be some soul-crushing angst but then you'll remember they're just dumb kids and forget about it. (Jk) ---UPDATE SCHE...
  • jamesmadison
  • lafayette
  • angelicaschuyler
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Hamilton One Shots by 82947w8
Hamilton One Shotsby Thomas Jefferson™
Hamiltrash. Just a few short stories adapted from the musical Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. Requests for stories are always open!
  • hamilton
  • musical
  • oneshot
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Tomorrow and Tomorrow by forever_maple
Tomorrow and Tomorrowby Abi Quinn
"Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps on this petty pace from day to day..." A collection of disconnected oneshots centered around the musical Hamilton. AUs and ship...
  • aaronburr
  • angelicaschuyler
  • alexanderhamilton
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The War At Heart by Cloud-bandito
The War At Heartby Cloud-Bandito
Forbidden love brings the two together, but we know it's not all fun and games after the revolution.
  • philiphamilton
  • theodosiaburr
  • hamilton
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The World Was Wide Enough by KawaiiAkatsuki
The World Was Wide Enoughby KAWAII AKATSUKI
¿Es el mundo lo suficientemente grande cómo para que un par de viejos amigos dejen de lado sus problemas y se perdonen la vida?
  • aaronburr
  • alexanderhamilton
  • musical
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Theodosia's Notebook by TheodosiaBurrPrevost
Theodosia's Notebookby TheodosiaBurrPrevost
My journal
  • philip
  • hamiltrash
  • lams
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The Lil Baguette (DISCONTINUED) by Vixxen_S
The Lil Baguette (DISCONTINUED)by Vixxen
Who knew a immigrant would make the best friends you could ever have after moving form France to America. He meets Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and Hercules Mulliga...
  • alexander
  • alexanderhamilton
  • lafayette
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