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The promise. [Short Chapters] by underthestarsx3
The promise. [Short Chapters]by underthestarsx3
So where am I? Right, crazy-ass hippies, boarding school, friends, dumb name, The Promise. Oh God, The Promise. I don't even want to talk about The Promise right now, to...
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LIFE: just my thoughts by ymlyml
LIFE: just my thoughtsby Eila Vered
This is just another one of those randomness books. Like any other. But this time, I'm writing it! Me! @ymlyml!
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cousins (fifth harmony/you)  by fifthharmonyships
cousins (fifth harmony/you) by kenz
My name is makenzie and I have 2 bffs and one really close friend, Madison, Nicole, and shawn. Shawn is my fake boyfriend to cover up that we both are gay. I am 17 and g...
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limitless ➸ a camally one shot by txrches
limitless ➸ a camally one shotby lena
Having grown up in a religious boarding school, Ally has always felt comfortable. At times, maybe even too comfortable. But this all changes when transfer student Camila...
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I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot by Riverwritesstuff
I Am Not Throwing Away My Shotby River Ryan Rice
Hamilton AU Set in modern times. Alexander is in love with his best friend and decides to take a shot and see what happens.
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Voice of An Angel // 5sos. by PSYCHOWATERMELON
Voice of An Angel // 5sos.by ♛ Shainna ♛
Although a really gifted singer, Crystal Brooke has no interest whatsoever in trying to pursue fame and fortune. Unlike those four popular boys in 5 Seconds of Summer at...
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Some Short Little Stories by harper44
Some Short Little Storiesby Harper Ace
This is a collection of short stories; humor, action, inspiration, and romance. Fanfictions are included and the current ones are listed below. If you're looking for a c...
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winning on & off the court by fifthharmonyokayy
winning on & off the courtby t
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Adopted by Fifth Harmony (Dating) by fifthharmonyrocks23
Adopted by Fifth Harmony (Dating)by fifthharmonyrocks23
Fifth harmony adopts a 17 year old girl named Dylan. Dylan has a secret that none of the girls no about but one day Dylan can't take it and tells Dinah and ask Dinah to...
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Hamilton/Laurens OneShots by aestheticlaurens
Hamilton/Laurens OneShotsby Mira
Just short crappy one shots. For John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton.
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Camren Theories by wotjaureguii
Camren Theoriesby Camren Asf
Just a couple of camren theories I wanted to share & talk about
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A Soul Survivor by KatieLewandowski
A Soul Survivorby Katie Lewandowski
When 13 year old Bethany Hamilton survives a shark attack, she never expected not to be able to get back up on the board, or to even thank God for this horrible tragedy...
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Zeh Art Book by Hollyzehdrawer
Zeh Art Bookby MusicalTrash
Ok first the book cover is not my drawing I just like the look. Ok this is for 10 followers so I hope you like how I draw. Well I hate to keep you waiting so I hope you...
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Pioneers in Canada by gutenberg
Pioneers in Canadaby gutenberg
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Unconditional: A 39 Clues Fanfic by Harper-Brooks
Unconditional: A 39 Clues Fanficby Harper Brooks
The Clue Hunt is over and the Cahills have gone back to their normal lives. But will they ever truly forgive one another, and will they be able to come together and prep...
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Kiss Me // (CameronxNash) by I_May_Have_Just
Kiss Me // (CameronxNash)by I_May_Have_Just
"Kiss me." Cameron desperately whispered to Nash and their lips smashed together.
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The revolutionary war by JessicaSodaman
The revolutionary warby JessicaSodaman
Unicorns versus America.... What more can I say?
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