messages//lams ✔️ by destinyxdreams
messages//lams ✔️by THOT patrol
"thomas we really need to get working on the project" "sorry not thomas this is john" //au where everything starts with a wrong number //ships: lams...
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Letters - Lafayette x reader by RazberrySoda
Letters - Lafayette x readerby Gail
(Y/N) Washington, beloved daughter of George Washington himself, secretly joins the revolutionary war to help fight for her country. Trials and tribulations await her, a...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • hamilton
  • herculesmulligan
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King // A Lams Fanfic ✔️ by rogue__Angel
King // A Lams Fanfic ✔️by ❤️Angel 🐢
King Alexander was a corrupted ruler. When he succeeds the throne from King Washington, he finds a home that has been committing tax evasion, but before he can arrest t...
  • subdom
  • historic
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~Freckles~ Philip Hamilton X Reader by BarneyAintADinosaur
~Freckles~ Philip Hamilton X Readerby Cringe Writer
Cover Credit: @Lord_Cheerios You live with your uncle, Thomas Jefferson. He's over protective when it comes to boys and men. Eventually you meet Philip Hamilton and his...
  • musical
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My Hurricane [ Daveed Diggs x Reader ] by mariiareynolds
My Hurricane [ Daveed Diggs x Read...by Lexi
If people were rain, I was drizzle, And she was my hurricane. Y/N Onaodowan is the little sister of Okieriete Onaodowan and always loved to sing. She actually gets on hi...
  • diggs
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Hamilton reacts to Hamilton  by 1-800-bruh
Hamilton reacts to Hamilton by -A-
The real Founding Fathers and Mothers I guess, reacting to Lin's bootyful creation!!!!!!! Also, I didn't make the amazing and spectacular cover. @AnonymousSoul20 did! Go...
  • myshot
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Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70s by Amberiso
Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70sby Evil author
When Y/N suddenly lands in the 1770s, after being pulled into a shine inside the ocean, she meets Hercules. He and his friends help her get around. By mistake, she joins...
  • selfinsert
  • alexanderhamilton
  • xreader
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Our Legacy by MyFallWasMySalvation
Our Legacyby Ya Digg?
This is a Modern!AU. Hamilton and the rest of the "squad" somehow travel in time to your home. You then decide to take them to the musical "Hamilton"...
  • thomasjefferson
  • modernau
  • daveeddiggs
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Philip Hamilton X Reader  by Abrabee
Philip Hamilton X Reader by Bee
Your father, Thomas Jefferson, introduced you to Alexander Hamilton and his family at the young age of eleven. You hit it off with their eldest son Philip no problem, bu...
  • hamilton
  • peggy
  • wattys2017
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Adorable Idiot ~Philip X Reader~ by BarneyAintADinosaur
Adorable Idiot ~Philip X Reader~by Cringe Writer
Y/N Eacker. The sister of George Eacker, a man that is somewhat decent, but a brother that is loving. Philip Hamilton, son of a bastard, arrogant, womanizer, haughty, a...
  • reader
  • fanfic
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take a break ✽ jamilton by whaliennx
take a break ✽ jamiltonby ⊱ peachy ⊰
"hamilton? you work here too?" where alexander hamilton is trying his hardest to pay off his father's debt by working three jobs, and thomas jefferson is just...
  • aaronburr
  • lgbt
  • hamiltonxjefferson
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bolder || philip hamilton by semiip
bolder || philip hamiltonby b a g u e t t e
(Y/N) Washington. She was the daughter of the first president of the United States. Of course, multiple men wanted to call her their own, but a certain young man caught...
  • philipxreader
  • georgewashington
  • xreader
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I Need A Ride (A Lams Fanfiction) by lonzelis
I Need A Ride (A Lams Fanfiction)by AndPEggy
John is in college and runs out of his house. He forgets his license which he finds out 2 hours away from home with a man named Alexander. This is their story. ...
  • hamilton
  • angelica
  • peggy
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My shot   •  (Lams/Hamilton modern AU) by AleHamiltonLaurens
My shot • (Lams/Hamilton modern...by Alejandra Hamilton
Alexandra has had a hard life. Father left her when she was ten, died in her Mother's arms right when it turned to her birthday, she was twelve because the clock had jus...
  • angst
  • hamilton
  • elizaschuyler
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Out Into The Light (A Hamilton Fanfic) by hlwing
Out Into The Light (A Hamilton Fan...by hlwing
Lark Evans is a girl that bleeds secrets, she doesn't mean to, but it's just in her best interests. Incredibly, she ends up meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda. And that just mig...
  • vanessa
  • jasmine
  • lafayette
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Love Without Fear (Philip Hamilton x Reader) by Koocie-Monster
Love Without Fear (Philip Hamilton...by Koocie Monster
"Love me without fear." (F/n) (L/n) is a high school senior in King's High School, a performing arts school. She's friend with her childhood best friend and fa...
  • john
  • alexanderhamilton
  • freckles
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University - A Modern Hamilton AU by burrdid711
University - A Modern Hamilton AUby burrdid711
this is a modern day hamilton au, taking place at columbia university in new york city. the story will follow the CREW™, Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, Mulligan, Angelica...
  • mullfayette
  • broadway
  • college
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| Daveed Diggs X Reader|   by TheFlowGawd12
| Daveed Diggs X Reader| by Weeewoo
Y/N Miranda, the sister of Lin-Manuel Miranda, was helping her brother with the Broadway musical Hamilton, she was the dress designer & dance choreographer, during this...
  • daveedigs
  • loveme
  • lgbt
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Hamilton watches 'Hamilton' by TheOtherSchuyler
Hamilton watches 'Hamilton'by E.Ham
The whole gang watches the musical about Alexander Hamilton. People come back from the dead, people laugh at each other, and people get slapped. It's fun!
  • hamliza
  • hamilton
  • alexanderhamilton
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Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens (Lams) by LadyAlvera
Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton x...by Madison
Soulmate AU where you can see every color except for the eye color of your Soulmate, but when you kiss you can see that color. You are also born with the first words you...
  • john
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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