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Hamilton reacts to... Hamilton? by LetsReadFFs
Hamilton reacts to... Hamilton?by Turtle boi *-*
The Hamgang is somehow in our time and now watches "Hamilton the Musical" [I'll mix a bit between how they really were and how in the musical. Also, I'm dysle...
Miracles do exist by Royallyslow
Miracles do existby Royallyslow
A Poly!Hamilsquad x reader where the reader is a pregnant (soon to be) single mother. (Y/n) goes shopping one day and meets the hamilsquad in all their glory. You get a...
undeniable • lafayette x reader by deja-you
undeniable • lafayette x readerby my darling
"Y/N was hopelessly, undeniably falling for the Frenchman." • War meant conflict. Fighting. Battles. Loss. Death. For Y/N Hamilton and her brother, war was jus...
Hamilson and Washingdad one-shots by _death-by-box_
Hamilson and Washingdad one-shotsby Riley
Short one-shots about Washingdad / Washing-machine and his Hamilson. from sad to fluff and all inbetween here's a trashy collection of one-shots I made. Based on 'Hamilt...
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
How You Say? by sanktatrin
How You Say?by sankta
Young (Y/N) decides to join the American Revolution as soon as she turns 16. When she arrives, she meets a man that could potentially change her life forever. "(Y/N...
Mullette (Modern Au) by 11evn7
Mullette (Modern Au)by ew
This is a modern au, as it says in the title, between the HamilFam Uh I'm bad at descriptions and stories, so expect this to be cringy and have a lot of memes. Mostly de...
How Is This Possible?! (Lafayette x Reader) Hamilton fanfic by Gibo-chin
How Is This Possible?! ( gibooooo
A girl from the 21st century. Y/n was a candid, expressive and an intelligent girl. She's currently working as an art teacher at a highschool at New York. She loved the...
You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader] (On Hold) by GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader]: You're the newest graduate of Kings College, and you got some knowledge, but you didn't expect to have was twel...
How Dare You (Lafayette x Reader) by FandomLyrics
How Dare You (Lafayette x Reader)by FandomLyrics
Y/N Washington was captured by the redcoats and forced to join the revolution. All she wants to do is get revenge on the king and make her father proud, but she keeps ge...
Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70s by Amberiso
Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70sby Evil author
When Y/N suddenly lands in the 1770s, after being pulled into the ocean, she meets Hercules. He and his friends help her get around. By mistake, she joins the revolution...
You Help Me, I'll Help You /// Mullette by AlexIsFandomTrash
You Help Me, I'll Help You /// Alex :3
TRIGGER WARNINGS: SELF-HARM, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, ANXIETY ATTACKS ^•^ Lafayette is broken. Hercules just wants to fix him. One has depression, anxiety and an abusive father...
My Sunshine (John Lauren's X Reader) by po-tay-toes
My Sunshine (John Lauren's X po-tay-toes
[COMPLETED] Y/N was a girl with a rough past. Her parents past away at a young age. She was adopted by a family who treated her like a slave. When she finished high-scho...
Living a Lie [Jamilton] by nnevertrustaduck
Living a Lie [Jamilton]by nnevertrustaduck
Marquis de Lafayette was killed during a rebel uprising in France. When he died, he had only one request: that Thomas Jefferson, his friend who bore a striking resemblan...
As If (Thomas Jefferson x reader) by lovek10
As If (Thomas Jefferson x reader)by Kenzie<3
modern college AU Y/n Alessandra Hamilton is the twin sister of Alexander Hamilton she is smart just like her brother but unlike her brother she is very soft spoken and...
The Green Dress//Alexander HamiltonXReader by hamiltonswhore
The Green Dress//Alexander YouDont.KnowMe
*this story is based off of the Hamilton musical* The 4th Schuyler sister. The youngest sister who was always left out finely gets the chance to run with her elder siste...
Blood, Sweat, Tears & Lies - Lafayette x reader Hamilton Fic by stariana_
Blood, Sweat, Tears & Lies - Ariana
(Hamilton fanfiction - Lafayette x reader) You are Y/N Washington, the daughter of the General George Washington and his wife, Martha Washington. Although unnecessary, y...
Back in the Old Times by Chat_noir987
Back in the Old Timesby Chat_noir987
In present day (Y/N) didn't care about much. All that mattered was what party she was going to that night and if there was alcohol present. Well, that all changed when s...
All Of Me (Jamilton) [COMPLETED] by 3bubblebees
All Of Me (Jamilton) [COMPLETED]by b e e
Alexander has always hated Thomas. They argued over small things, like how Jefferson should stop wearing his hair up because he looks like Lafayette, to things that thei...
Hamilton smut book🥵CHARACTER X READER🔫 by evanpeterscumsult
Hamilton smut book🥵CHARACTER X evan peters
This is a hamilton smut book of character X reader enjoy i try and publish one, 1 a week x😆💗