Chapter 66

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Cipriano sat at the desk in his room with a bored expression. He listened absently to the gentle susurrations of Shane's breathing. He was sleeping in the bed across the room from him, lying on his back, one arm draped across his stomach and his head turned towards where Cipriano sat. His fading blue hair was fell messily across his forehead and around his white pillow.

He looked over to him when he huffed softly in his sleep. Seeing his sleeping face, a small smile came to Cipriano's lips. Shane looked much younger when he slept with his face relaxed. He noted how long Shane's eyelashes were, they were thick and curled, just barely missing the upper part of his cheeks and how his lips were slightly parted, showing a bit of his two front teeth.

Cipriano looked back out the window, watching all the Day Class students leave. The Headmaster had arranged for all of the human students to be sent home due to 'urgent construction' and classes were postponed until further notice... which was just fancy talk for the school was closed indefinitely and the Headmaster had no idea if he was ever going to open Cross Academy's doors to the humans ever again.

The vampires though... in order to keep some semblance of peace, normalcy, the students of the Night Class had all volunteered to continue to attend the classes to keep up the image that there was some peace going on in their world, that they were safe and were learning things. Cipriano and his brother and sister all decided that they would stay and help create this façade of tranquillity. And Shane, of course, stayed to keep an eye on them and to make sure that they didn't get into any trouble.

Shane had been a big help to all three of them—he was also an ex-human, just like them, after all. Whilst Charlotte was very open-minded and understanding of the three siblings, she simply couldn't comprehend a lot of the things that they were going through because she had been born a vampire.

He was older than Cipriano by a few months, but it had always felt like more. Shane knew so much, had been through much and many adventures with Charlotte and Kaname. Which surprised him, to be honest. Despite what Charlotte said about the man, Cipriano saw Kaname Kuran as much as the villain as Sara was. But Shane and Charlotte didn't see him as that, and that was probably because they knew who Kaname truly was.

But despite that he saw Kaname as a villain, he trusted their judgement because, so far, they hadn't led him and his siblings wrong. He trusted their judgement, but he couldn't help the feeling that he got. It didn't matter though because he wasn't very intuitive when it came to people and he didn't know Kaname as well as Shane and Charlotte did, so there wasn't much that he could do.

"It's not like you to miss out on sleep."

Cipriano jumped ever so slightly at the sound of Shane's voice and he turned sharply to see the lad staring up at him with sleepy green eyes. All tension left Cipriano instantly when he saw that Shane was awake and he relaxed down into the seat.

"Any chance you get, you're sleeping. What's keeping you up?" Shane asked, sitting up in his bed and looking at Cipriano with a curious gaze. He even had his head tilted slightly to the side to unintentionally add to the effect.

Cipriano's mouth twitched with a smile that he forced down and he simply shook his head and said, "Nothing, it was just noisy. I have not been to a school with other people since I was young."

Chuckling, Shane teased, "Oh? And how old are you now?"

The eldest Prieto brother rolled his eyes with the smile actually coming to his lips and he rose from his seat at the desk, "Super old. I am nineteen, almost the age to be an abuelo."

Shane whistled mockingly, "Damn. Looks like we'll be abuelos together, then, seeing as I'm nineteen as well." He grinned wickedly at the other boy who was climbing back into his bed. "I'm kind of cold, Cici. Can you come lay with me?"

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