Chapter 5

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Charlotte stayed out the rest of the day, wandering the campus until it was time for the Night Class students to go to class. She had entered the Moon Dorm twenty minutes before everyone was to leave to the main building. She was quiet as she entered, and barely anybody noticed her arrival, or perhaps even her absence. 

Well, almost everyone. Ichijo ran up to her with a smile.

"You're back!" Without warning, she was embraced into a hug with him whispering into her ear, "Hug me back... I covered for you. I told Hanabusa I sent you out on an errand." Hesitantly, she raised her arms and awkwardly patted him on the back. "You call that a hug?" She rolled her eyes and walked away as soon as he let her go, muttering a 'thank you for covering' and walked up the stairs to her room.

Barely anybody was upstairs, and if they were, they were wandering around still trying to get ready. She passed by a couple of people who offered smiles and frowned when it wasn't reciprocated. And then there was that odd person who briefly bowed to her as they passed, and she stopped dead in her tracks. She furrowed her eyebrows as she slowly turned to look as the person who had bowed turned and walked down the stairs.

Shaking her head, she sighed, ran her hand through her hair, and continued to her room. She didn't really need anything in there, she didn't feel like changing into her uniform, but she decided to change into an actual shirt rather than the button up she was wearing. 

Closing her door and locking it behind her, she shrugged off her button up and took off her singlet, reaching the drawer she subconsciously opened telekinetically, she grabbed a black Jack Daniels muscle tee and put that on. She looked in the mirror, turning to the side and looked at her visible black bra straps, debating whether she should put something to cover the side straps.

With a sigh, she grabbed a short black strapless bandeau top and took off the muscle tee and put on the bandeau top before putting the tee back on. Giving herself a slight nod in the mirror, she checked the battery on her mobile before putting it back into her back pocket and leaving her room again with five minutes before the gates were opened.

Leaving her room the same time Kaname did, he nodded at her as she allowed him to step out first, allowing him to go in front of her. He didn't look back as she exited her room behind him, and nor did he ask about her lack of uniform.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs and outside, there were few whispers about her lack of uniform, which she simply ignored, and skipped up to her brother who was standing next to Akatsuki and Ruka. 

They smiled at her as she approached, giving her a little wave and speaking simultaneously, "Hey, Charlie!"

"I seriously hope you guys never do that again," she laughed, shaking her head slightly with amusement at their synchronicity. 

They laughed with her, Hanabusa's eyes lighting up at the sight of his sister laughing genuinely and actually socialising. He wanted to ask her where she'd been, but he had a strong feeling she'd successfully change the subject to make him forget what he was asking. She had always been very good at that.

All of them fell quiet, listening to both the chattering amongst the other vampires and the screaming of the fangirls outside of the gates. The silence that fell between the four of them was comfortable, and Charlotte shoved her hands in her pockets, rocking back and forth on her feet.

When the gate opened, she squeaked with surprise as all the girls outside ran inside the moment the gates cracked open. Some girls stumbled in as they were pushed, and others ran straight to her brother, Akatsuki, Ichijo and Senri, squealing with happiness, and crying and screaming in their faces. Charlotte and Ruka were shoved aside by the fangirls.

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