Chapter 44

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Heaving a sigh, Charlotte leant back into the seat after the chauffeur said that their destination had changed to the Hanadagi castle. The head of the Hanadagi family was currently resting, so he was not active. This prior knowledge of hers had curiosity striking through her─why would they be going to the Hanadagi castle if he was currently sleeping and wasn't due to awaken for another couple of decades? Who had phoned their driver to change their course? With these questions going through her head, she couldn't help but feel excitement mixing in with her curiosity and she felt completely wired─jittery.

"You need to be there faster," Alondra tsked inside her head. There was irritation in the woman's voice and Charlotte rolled her eyes. She could only hold up the block against the progenitor for so long before she lost focus and Alondra broke through again. "If you continue on in this car, waiting idly, then you'll be too late!" It was clear that Alondra was an impatient woman, a trait that she and Charlotte shared, but Charlotte's impatience was nothing compared to Alondra's.

"We're about twenty minutes away from the Hanadagi residence, Lord Hanabusa, Lady Charlotte," the man driving informed in a strangely cheery voice. Neither she or Hanabusa said anything, as it wasn't really expected of them to say anything.

Underneath the excitement and curiosity that she felt building up inside here, there was still that fear lingering. Her mind was still slightly gloomy of hers and her brother's previous conversation, of her venting to him. She found truth in his words, though, she did need to stop worrying about the future and just focus on what was happening now. None of them could afford to be distracted at a time like this. While Charlotte knew why there couldn't be causes for distractions, Hanabusa just felt the rising tension in their situation and made his own judgement that it would be best for him to have focus.

"Tell him to go faster."

"He can't go any faster," Charlotte snapped at Alondra. She normally did not answer back mentally because that required her to go deeper into her mind to find the connection with Alondra. She didn't normally feel like doing that. Now was different, she didn't want to disturb the silence and didn't want Hanabusa to know that Alondra was still in touch with her because he didn't like the woman. At all. They always argued, but they argued like an old married couple and Charlotte found great amusement in it.

"Why are we going to the Hanadagi castle?" Hanabusa asked boredly, leaning forward to poke his head through the little separation window between them and the driver. He had his usual bored look on his face, but his eyes shone with curiosity as well. It was common knowledge that the head of the pureblood family was in slumber, so it was only natural that he would question why they were to go to him.

"Those are my orders, Lord Hanabusa." The driver's tone was almost robotic like they were not actually his words. Hanabusa and Charlotte shared a look, both catching the man's strange tone. Charlotte had not known this man because he was the Aidos' new chauffeur they had gotten in the last three years, but she knew that this man did not normally speak like that. No one normally spoke like that.

"Who was on the phone with you?" She asked, pushing Hanabusa back so she could replace him. She peered at the side of the old man's face, her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed. She knew this was strange and that this was not good. This was not normal and she had a sudden uneasy feeling about it. Why did he speak in that tone? No one usually spoke in that tone.

"I am not allowed to tell you," he answered robotically.

"Why the hell aren't you allowed to tell me?" There was an aggravation in her voice. Charlotte did not usually throw around her societal rank and felt bad when she usually did. But she had a feeling that she was going to have to make a point that this man worked for her and her family and was to answer her every question because she was a higher pedigree and her family employed him. "I asked you a question, and I want the answer."

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