Chapter 56

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The black limousine pulled up to a winter cottage high in the snow covered mountains. A young Kaname and Takuma sat in the back of the heated car. Kaname looked just a tad worried with his dark eyebrows knitted together and his cheek resting on his cheek, but he knew that he shouldn't really be concerned. Though Kaname barely looked worried, it was Takuma who shouldered all of the worries with his eyebrows drawn up and his green eyes bright with emotion.

"I heard Yuki injured herself whilst playing on the sleigh. Although Cross-ojisama called..." Takuma muttered, rolling down the window and looking at the cottage their car was parked in front of, "Is she doing alright?"

A sigh left young Kaname's lips, "Yuki's not here. Looks like they lied to get me to come here." He looked away from the window and to the back of the seat with an impassive face.

"If the injury isn't real, then that's a relief, right? But that's too much for Cross-ojisama to do," Takuma smiled, quite relieved to hear that Yuki wasn't really hurt. He had been worried the entire two-hour car ride that they had taken to Cross' winter cottage to go and check on Yuki to see if she was okay.

It was during the car ride that Kaname had calmed down from the initial shock of being told that his precious Yuki was hurt. It was during this two hours that he had to sit and to think and to stress and worry that he realised there was a pattern. His mind had gone over all of the times he had been called down to Yuki's aid that he came to find out that Kaien had lied and that Yuki was alright, so the closer they got to the cottage, Kaname realised that nothing was wrong with Yuki and it had been yet another lie on Kaien's part to get him down there.

"He wanted to try joking with you or have you pick her up?" Takuma asked, looking over at him with a smile and a calm expression. Takuma loved the sheer devotion Kaname had to the human girl, he loved to see Kaname show some sort of emotion, even if it was slight. Kaname so rarely ever showed emotions, even since his parents died, and Takuma loved seeing that Kaname was even capable of feeling things rather than just shoving them away. "Kaname?"

"But..." Kaname's voice trailed off as Takuma spoke over him.

"There's a pair of twins..."

This most definitely got Kaname's attention, a flash of unrecognisable memories flashing through his head. His entire body jolted and his head snapped over to the window that Takuma was looking out of, spotting the small pair of identical looking boys dressed warmly for the snow near Kaien. Kaname's eyes widened as he laid eyes on them, the extremely rare twins not paying any attention to the black limo that had pulled in front of the house.

But as one of them turned around and locked eyes with Kaname, Kaname muttered with disbelief, "The hunter's lineage actually gave birth to twins....?" Kaname's body had gone cold even with the heater blasting in the car. His heart was racing inside of his chest and his mind lit up with excitement.

Never in his life had he seen hunter twins together, never had they been born as a pair. He knew the legend, the prophecy of the twins, but up until this point, it had all been a silly old wives' tale. But here were the twins, the pair of hunters born of the same egg.

Kaname could use them, they would be very useful to him, he immediately realised. They would be strong, not only by themselves but if they had become one. It would be better if it was one of them, if they both lived their lives, but with one of them consumed much later after leaving the womb. The two needed to become one, Kaname concluded.

And he could use that one. That one survivor with both he and his other half that had cultivated in the outside world, growing stronger as the years passed up until the point where he had to join with his brother, infuse his blood, his life, with his twin.

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