Chapter 63

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Charlotte sat back on her bed, her eyes fixed on the chain that she had painfully removed from her arm. It was not an easy process to get it off of her and it burnt her hand every time she tried. But she eventually got it unravelled by finding the tiniest of fastening that took her some time to unhook from one of the loops in the part of the arm chain that wrapped around her middle finger. She now had the chain unravelled in front of her, laying across her bedspread at about seven feet. It took quite some time on top of getting the damned thing off to unplait it and spread it out to its full length, which was longer than Charlotte had expected.

Whilst it had burnt her when she first tried to take it off, it no longer reacted wickedly when she picked it back up to put it back on her body. She didn't like the inconvenience of it being ravelled around her arm and she didn't like the way that it felt around her arm and beneath her sleeve. Her finger felt restricted and so did any movement of her wrist.

With an irritated sigh, she grasped one end of the chain with one clasp and stood up. She glanced to her room door to see that it was locked before she took off her shirt and was just standing in her bra and jeans. She pulled the chain from the bed and wrapped one part of it snuggly around her waist and she clasped it so it fit how she wanted it. She wrapped it one more time around her waist before she looped the free end through both loops and pulled it so the straight end was close to her spine and she then wrapped and clasped the remaining loosely around her neck so it looked like she was wearing two necklaces.

The way the chain went up along her spine didn't feel all that better, but she felt that she wasn't as restricted as she had been with her arm. The chain wasn't pulled taut like it had been on her arm and she felt that she could move freely. She didn't really think that there was any way that she could have this chain on her body and be completely and one hundred percent comfortable as she would be if she didn't have it. She just had to deal with the gift and the usefulness of it would come later on and she figured she might think more favourably of it then.

"Charlotte...?" There was a soft knock on the room door and she was quick to put her shirt on before speeding to the door and opening it. She smiled widely when she saw who was behind it.

Takuma smiled back at her, "President Cross said you'd be here... you're staying at his residence for the time being?" He stepped into the room when she moved aside and beckoned him inside. "You're not going to go home-"

She shrugged, "I don't really have a home at the moment..." Sadness flickered across her dark blue eyes for the briefest of seconds Takuma thought he had imagined it. "The Aido residence it not the friendliest to me because of my mother... and the Kuran Mansion doesn't feel like home either... it doesn't feel complete and I feel like I shouldn't be there. I'm just staying with Kaien until I found a place that I like."

Immediately, Takuma offered, "You can just come stay with me." His bright eyes sparkled and she chuckled, giving him an apologetic smile when she shook her head.

She stood to the tips of her toes and placed a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth before saying, "I would love to, Takuma... but I also think that having a place to call my own is most beneficial for future use, and for Shane and the Prieto siblings... because I have no place as of right now, neither do they. For now, they will stay in the care of the Night Class for as long as it runs, and when the Night Class is dissolved, they will need a place to go as well." She grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. She pulled him down beside her and she leant her head onto his shoulder, still holding onto his hand and tracing the contours of it. "Having my own place could give me a sense of independence, as I have lived with other people my whole life."

Takuma wrapped his fingers around her hand and he squeezed gently, nodding his head, "I understand, you don't have to sound like you're walking on eggshells talking about this." He kissed the top of her head and removed his hand from hers to wrap his arms around her. "I completely understand that you would like a place to call your own."

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