Chapter 20

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Charlotte burst through the Moon Dorm doors, stepping out of her heels and picking them up off the floor before making her way up the stairs and to her room with the duffel bag over her shoulder. Her, Kaname and Takuma were the last ones to rise as the rest of the Night Class had gotten in hours before them and were sure to be sleeping by now, as it was the morning and school for the Day Class was just about to start. The car ride back to the academy had been silent and more brooding from Kaname.

The pureblood followed the girl up the stairs, walking quietly behind her as she turned abruptly to him, "You did something foolish, didn't you? You boobed, and that's why you were sulking in the ride back." He just looked at her with an emotionless expression and she narrowed her eyes at him before sighing and running her hand through her hair. "It's probably something so simple and you're beating yourself up over it. Don't do that, I need you to not do that. Now is not the time for that and you know it."

He looked at her for a bit longer before nodding solemnly, pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh, "You're right, there isn't time to be worrying about that. Maybe later, but not now." He walked past her after that, slipping silently into his room and shutting the door behind him, leaving Charlotte in the corridor by herself. She looked at his closed door for a bit longer before shaking her head exasperatedly and walking into her own room.

Closing the door behind her, she dropped the duffel bag on the floor and she leant against the door, sighing heavily. Pushing off the door, she set her heels on her dresser and took off her dress so she was now stood in nothing but her pants and bra. She looked around her dark room for a couple of seconds before pulling out one of the drawers and grabbing a pair of black plaid pyjama bottoms and stepping inside of them. She didn't bother to put on a shirt, she just trudged to her bed and flopped down onto it, falling face first into it before she rolled over and struggled to get underneath the duvet.


Charlotte didn't recognise her surroundings, nor did she recognise the man stood in front of her. He had light blonde hair that came just above his shoulders and hard blue eyes. He was much taller than her, his height towering over hers and the atmosphere was so heavy she couldn't help but shrink down as he glared vehemently down at her. She flinched involuntarily as he raised his hand to her in a motion she recognised as a slap.

He changed his stance, moving quickly to grab a handful of her blonde hair in his pale, cumbersome hands. She gasped in pain as he yanked her hair, pulling her towards him, causing her neck to bend at an awkward and painful angle. He leant down, growling in her face with suddenly blood red eyes and exposed fangs, "You fucking bitch! Why aren't you obedient like the others?! You're useless!" He finally slapped her, his large hand crashing down on her cheek with a loud 'CRACK' and he shoved her to the floor. "I'll say this again: I am hungry, give me your blood. I need strength and your blood is the sweetest of all my servants. Give it to me."

Charlotte could hear her heart pounding rapidly in her ears and a shiver went up her spine as tears pricked her eyes, the wound on her lip from being slapped healing quickly and she looked up at him with frightful, teary blue eyes. "N-no." She cried out in agony when his foot connected with her ribs and she heard and felt the crack of four of them, a burning sensation filling her chest and her breathing was sudden constricted, her ribs puncturing her lungs. She gasped and coughed up blood for a few seconds before feeling relief and numbness wash through her as she healed.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" He bellowed, causing the blonde girl to curl into a ball and weep into her knees. "You're useless! Why won't you let me take any? How can you keep me from taking some of your blood?" She whimpered pitifully and shook with fear as he walked off, ranting in a language foreign to her. "Alondra, listen to me, you are important to me and I need you to give me some of your blood. Can you do that for me? You can do that for me, can't you? Alondra, love, I'm sorry."

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