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Rare (Vampire Knight) by Nightlyxx
Rare (Vampire Knight)by Nightlyxx
"You're stronger now, stronger than an aristocrat should be. You're a rarity, Charlotte." - Had Charlotte Aido been born into a different family, her life prob...
  • drama
  • yuki-cross
  • takuma-ichijo
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Metal Head and Some Not So Metal Head Shit by Apatheia_101
Metal Head and Some Not So Metal H...by Apatheia
I'm just tying I figure out how to live with being the only metal head in my house hold while not being accepted my the other metal heads around me.
  • idowhatiwant
  • whatever
  • metal
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Blood Red Monochrome by DepressedOutcast
Blood Red Monochromeby Summer
Karma Akabane, a sadistic yet caring teen. The one who protects the weak from the shadows. A role-model to Class 3-E. Karma was a part of Class 3-E, a part of the family...
  • pain
  • insanity
  • abused
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A Little Innocence by Mother_Pandemonium
A Little Innocenceby Mother Pandemonium
I am apathetic. My mind has stopped registering emotions. I was always told that I had a good life, that I always had food on the table, clothes on my back, and a roof o...
  • mdlg
  • protective
  • depression
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My Coldhearted Girlfriend by Mendokusai-Desu
My Coldhearted Girlfriendby MkaPalnzla
She's Ruthless. Oblivious. Self-centered. Nonchalant. Apathetic. And Coldhearted. Hindi ko alam kung anong nagustuhan ko sa kanya. Nalaman ko nalang kasi na mahal...
  • romance
  • boyfriendgirlfriend
  • ruthless
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•Feelings• ||L.S||  by HxrryLouisLove
•Feelings• ||L.S|| by daddy kink louis™
Louis is sensitive; Harry is apathetic • Louis has too many feelings; Harry has none • ••completed•• ✖️✖️Short sentence chapters✖️✖️
  • larry
  • feelings
  • styles
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Lady Prince (Kurapika x Reader) by Katjaface
Lady Prince (Kurapika x Reader)by Katjaface
Emperor Nasubi Hui Guo Rou of the Kakin Empire in an interesting man who calls all of his "legal children" princes. On the outside, the emperor seems like a ha...
  • romance
  • xreader
  • murder
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Devastation by emhanna
Devastationby E
An anthology of sonnets that I have written and put together; all concerning devastations that may occur in or throughout one's lifetime.
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loss
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flecks of charisma by thoughtsoftyrel
flecks of charismaby tyrel
flecks of charisma is a quintessential guide to not knowing how you're feeling, not knowing how to deal with it, but knowing how to adjust your life around it. some days...
  • hurting
  • deadness
  • death
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Delirium (Sequel to Apathy) by -azure
Delirium (Sequel to Apathy)by ₖₐᵣGᵢₑₗₐ ₉₈
"Dad would be proud of you, Amir." © -azure. all rights reserved.
  • roc
  • death
  • love
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APH America by orangelife
APH Americaby orangelife
A country has to represent all its people, not just the majority.... Picture and APH not mine. Please message me if you ever need someone to talk to.
  • diversity
  • abusing
  • crying
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Hard Life by doodles14
Hard Lifeby clove raine
You know Leo? Yeah, Leo Valdez. You know about his foster life? And his tough foster homes? Well they might be a little more than just tough. Some unbearable. But this i...
  • percyjackson
  • shortstories
  • feels
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27 things i wish i told you by mundanephan
27 things i wish i told youby ♥ (866) 488-7386 ♥
i guess this is a goodbye of sorts
  • depression
  • apathetic
  • reminiscing
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Fostered by birlemsbby27x
Fosteredby birlemsbby27x
"I really am only living to die." Tears fell down my face.
  • brycehall
  • boys
  • hopes
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Apathy by 9blackflame9
Apathyby 9blackflame9
Apathy: 1. Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2. Lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. 3. Stoicism . Fre...
  • dark
  • apathy
  • depression
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p o e t r y - sleepless nights and racing minds  by hayleys01
p o e t r y - sleepless nights and...by hayley
a collection of poems exploring the fragility of the human mind
  • depressed
  • poem
  • meaningless
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fate, sleep and saltwater taffy by HatterSama
fate, sleep and saltwater taffyby hatter.is.typing
idk what this is. give it a chance tho.
  • descriptive
  • apathetic
  • short
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Percy the Phoenix sin of apathy(SDS Fanfic) by accurseddemon
Percy the Phoenix sin of apathy(SD...by Meliodasthetraitor
Apathy noun: The lack of interest, concern, enthusiasm, and emotions (for those people who doesn't know the meaning ;-) ............... Meliodas the dragons sin o...
  • ban
  • accurseddemon
  • meliodas
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The Grass is Always Greener by CrushingOnSans
The Grass is Always Greenerby UnderTale Trash #528
In Undertale, Classic Sans loves his brother more than anything. Its the same for so many versions of himself. However, they can never receive that love back because eve...
  • kedgeup
  • heartbreak
  • aus
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Apathy •[Undertale]• by AsrielLovesChara
Apathy •[Undertale]•by ❤ALC❤
A•pa•thy /adjective/ lack of feeling, emotion, interest, and concern. ~~~ I wake up and I go to work. I see faces, and I instantly forget them. Everyday, the same thing...
  • apathy
  • burgerpants
  • mudermystery
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