Chapter 35

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Charlotte, Kaname and Yuki all stepped out into the waiting crowd of vampires, all of them waiting for the trio's arrival, waiting to meet to once hidden Kuran Princess and the rare created pureblood. All eyes were on them, some gasped at the sight of Yuki and others gasped at the sight of the colour of Charlotte's hair, the pastel pink a very eye catching colour.

All three of them walked to the centre of the room, the vampires turning towards them and following, walking closer but keeping their distance, as not to smother to purebloods. Both Charlotte and Yuki caught sight of Zero, the boy stood at the edge of the room with a hard mask on his face, his violet eyes emotionless as he caught sight of the girls. Charlotte couldn't help the flutter of happiness at the sight of him, at the sight of a friend.

They all smiled at them, looking down at Yuki and Charlotte, their smiles almost cruel, their voices grating, "How are you tonight, Kaname-sama? Oh, this smaller one must be your sister, and the bigger one Miss Charlotte Aido, the rare created pureblood." Their fangs were showing, their mouths curling slightly at the ends as they bowed, "How are you doing, your highnesses? Kaname-sama has informed us of both of your existence and status, but he wouldn't say anything more and we were curious? Kindly come even farther into the centre, you two. We all want to admire your beautiful faces. Charlotte-sama, you've grown to be such a beautiful woman. Come. Come closer, your highnesses."

The crowd of vampires looked at the pair, more specifically Yuki, like they were prey, easy targets. Charlotte rubbed Yuki's back reassuringly, offering her a soft smile as she looked down at her and she looked up. The brunette had to force down a frown, a shudder and the tension building up in her shoulders as they asked for her name, and she gave them all a warm smile, "I'm Yuki, and I'm so pleased to meet you all."

There was a buzz of chatter, Yuki's name, along with an honorific, being exchanged through the vampires as they all repeated it to each other. Charlotte didn't know whether to venture off somewhere and leave Yuki to the horde of vampires who were looking at her like she was a piece of meat, or to stay by her side and give her comfort whilst being under the scrutinising gaze of the leeches.

"Come to think of it... your features strikingly resemble those of Juri-sama... no... I think Yuki-sama has Haruka-sama's soft gaze..." a man at the front of the crowd in front of Yuki, Charlotte and Kaname spoke up, a thoughtful look on his face and his head tilted to the side. "Oh, Yuki-sama... Haruka-sama and Juri-sama have left for us such a marvellous and delightful treasure... we would never have imagined such a wonderful thing."

Their words rattled Charlotte, " Oh, yes, the purebloods are our precious 'treasures'. Even you, Charlotte-sama, our rarely created pureblood. May you add a new family of purebloods to our society. So, of course, we intend to protect you all. And of course, we shall swear loyalty." Charlotte didn't even force out a smile, didn't bother, nor did she bother to show that she was acknowledging them, just looking blankly to the other side of the room at the wall.

A man came over once the crowd had cleared from the two purebloods and Charlotte relaxed at the look of him, everything about him genuine and she knew he wasn't like the others. He handed Charlotte and Yuki a glass filled with real blood, a genuine smile on his handsome features, "Yuki-sama... Charlotte-sama... I have heard that another two purebloods will be gracing us with their presence later...?" He looked at them curiously, searching both of their faces for any sign of answers.

Yuki answered before Charlotte could, "Yes," she gave the man a curt nod, side glancing Charlotte before continuing, "Kaname has told us as well." Charlotte took a sip of the drink she was handed, raising her eyebrows at the familiar taste of wine and blood mixed together, she had thought it was just blood, but was quite happy that there was wine as well; her two favourite things.

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