Chapter 42

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Charlotte sighed, shutting her book and leaving the library, a thought occurring to her. She hadn't seen her brother in a couple of days. She had seen him a few times since awakening Alondra, seen him a few times since she went out with Yuki. But it seemed he'd been sent out on errands the last couple of days, which seemed strange because Kaname never had any errands for him to do since he was just Yuki's private tutor.

She passed Shane as she made her way to Kaname's room, the boy just looked at her with squinted eyes before sighing and continuing down the corridor without any questions asked. He noticed she'd been different this past week since Alondra's arrival, and everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells around her, even Kaname. But he and Yuki were very worried about her, them both wondering what could possibly be going on that has made Charlotte so agitated this past week.

Charlotte didn't even bother to knock on Kaname's door, just opened it and walked to his desk. He merely glanced up at her, a smirk playing at his lips before he said, "I could have been naked." She tutted, recognising that line immediately as something she once said to him the first and only time he had ever entered her room without knocking, back when they were at the academy. Had she not been so occupied with worrying about her brother, she would have laughed a bit at his recycled words.

"Where's Hanabusa?" She asked, running the tips of her fingers along the edge of his desk. He watched as her fingers dragged across the surface before tearing his eyes away and returning them to the papers he was reading and signing before she barged in. There were several seconds of silence from him before he cleared his throat and put the fountain pen in his hand down.

He pushed his fringe out of his eyes, "He's at the Association headquarters. Why don't you go and retrieve him, I'm sure the Hunters will love to see you, especially Zero." She rolled her eyes at the sneer at the end of his sentence, the sneer of Zero's name. She wasn't surprised that he disliked him even now, it having been so long since they last directly contacted each other. She smirked at the distasteful look on his face. "I'll inform Kaien you're coming."

"If there's enough time. Toodles." And with that, she was gone, the thought of her brother in mind.

The materialising was a strange rushing sensation, it bringing a shiver down her spine every time she materialised some place. There was a slight breeze that went through her hair sometimes, but not all the time, it only happened when she teleported to faraway places from where she had originally been. So since she teleported to the Hunter's Association Headquarters, a rough breeze whipped through her long pink hair.

She waited patiently for Kaien to arrive outside, seeing as she wasn't a domesticated vampire and would have to be carried inside. But upon her arrival during the daytime, the Hunters that were outside all drew their weapons and pointed them at her in caution, trying to determine whether she was a threat or not, some of them recognising her and others not. But there was a man she dreaded to see as he pressed the barrel of his rifle to her temple, "What are you doing here?"

This was the man who tried to kill her a year ago for killing their previous, and corrupted, Association President. She rose an eyebrow at him but didn't answer, just walked away towards the building when she spotted Kaien. She gave a soft smile to him, approaching him with a pleasant smile of her own, ignoring the Hunters who followed her movement with their guns or arrows aimed at her.

"I hope you weren't waiting long," he smiled sheepishly, a tint of pink rising to his cheeks, "I'm afraid I'll have to carry you in... just hop on my back, yeah?" He turned around, he too ignoring the hunters eyeing her warily despite that Kaien Cross was sent out to retrieve her. Kaien was quite surprised at how light Charlotte was when she hopped on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms loosely around his neck, her arms resting on his shoulders as he gripped the underside of her thighs so she wouldn't slide off his back.

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