Chapter 55

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Charlotte had conflicting feelings, and she couldn't give a clear answer of how she honestly felt. A part of her was absolutely chuffed at the events that had taken place the night before. Takuma had never asked for her blood and she never got the sense that he wanted it so she never offered it to him, so it had come to a complete surprise to her when he flipped her over and drank from her. She was also thoroughly surprised that he was able to send messages to her telepathically, but she supposed it was only because her mind had been open at that time. 

Takuma also believed that he was in love with her.

She didn't have the time to ask him about it, about his feelings, because they both fell asleep shortly after due to exhaustion. It wasn't due to the blood loss, but more so the fact that they had been so open to each other during the blood exchange that they didn't have any energy left for anything else. Not even talking.

Charlotte hadn't been bothered by those things, she was ecstatic that the feelings she felt for him were reciprocated, and then she felt a tiny bit bad. If she had been thirsting for his blood almost violently because of her love for him, then Takuma was also thirsting for her blood as well. She had completely dismissed any of his feelings because she was selfish and just wanted his blood to stop the burning in her throat. She had always believed that her feelings were completely one-sided because it was easier to understand and deal with.

What did bother her, though, was that he had taken her blood. She wasn't bothered by the act of him consuming her blood, but she was bothered with the consequences of his actions. It was not a secret that she liked and cared deeply for Takuma, so it was not something that she was trying to hide from Sara. But what she didn't want Sara to know was that her blood was now inside of Takuma, he had taken her blood and therefore was also a lot more susceptible to her influence as much as he was to Sara's.

Sara would be able to smell Charlotte in him as well and as quickly as Charlotte had been able to smell her. Without a doubt, Takuma would be punished for his actions by the raging bitch that Charlotte despised with all of her being. And if Sara did anything to him, Charlotte would abandon the game with her and strike her down right then and there, she'd kill her without so much as an ounce of hesitation.

She was pacing her room when Hanabusa barged in, carrying a piece of paper with him and an urgent expression on his face. Not only did he look rather urgent, but he looked very concerned and almost angered. His hand was crumpling the piece of paper in his hand and he was gritting his teeth together. His light blue eyes were wide and his eyebrows were furrowed. The apples of his cheeks were tinted pink, probably from his anger, and his forehead was creased in an unflattering manner.

"You have to see this!" He stressed, marching to where she had stopped pacing and held the paper so close to her face that she could see the grains of the material but couldn't read what was written on it. "Read it!"

"Take a step back first!" Charlotte snapped, snatching the paper from his hand and uncrumpling it. As she scanned her eyes over what was written on it, a smile came to her lips. It had what she had predicted without the need of her clairvoyancy. She had been right and was rather happy that she was right even though she was always right and it hadn't carried much weight with her before.

"Why the hell are you smiling? This is not something to be smiling about!" Hanabusa growled, snatching the paper back from her. He was absolutely livid and she could see that he was visibly shaking with how angry he was.

Laughing almost manically, Charlotte leapt forward and grasped excitedly onto his shoulders, "Of course it is! Don't you see? She's broken the rules. Not the rules of the game because there were no rules to begin with─she's broken the law." She felt as happy as she had been that day she caught that Sara had turned the CEO without his permission. She had made unwilling turns and that punishable by death in itself.

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