Chapter 62

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Charlotte's heart fluttered as she felt the cool embrace of the liquid metal wrap around her. Whilst the metal was in its liquid form, it felt solid where it had fastened itself around her waist. She was surprised to find that it wasn't burning her, she didn't have a sense of maliciousness or danger is the metal touched her skin. She got a sense of weightlessness as it lifted her off of the ground and held her high in the air.

Rather than the fear of being harmed by the Mother Metal, she almost got a very strong sense of relief. She got a sense of an odd mixture of serenity and desperation. The serenity she felt was coming from inside of her, but the desperation was not her own feeling. It was the atmosphere around her. She felt dread and fear and shock surrounding her, but those feelings did not penetrate the unexplainable and odd tranquillity that she felt within herself.

The metal seemed to wrap almost protectively around her and there was one word that was being said inside of her mind, over and over again. It was not from her voice, but rather one that she had heard at some point. It was a voice not from her own memory, but from a memory that she had picked up from somebody else.

Finally... The Hooded Woman whispered in Charlotte's ear, but when she turned towards the voice, there was nothing beside her besides the open air. Alondra's child. I have finally met you.

Confusion settled onto Charlotte's face. Alondra was not her mother. She and Alondra were only distantly related, the blood that they actually shared was minuscule. The blood that they shared was hindered by the generations of outside partners who mingled with the Shirabuki's. Inside of Charlotte was over ten thousand years of mixing and mingling with different people outside of the Shirabuki line, and the blood that she shared with Alondra was not exactly strong. At this point in time, the things that tied her most to the woman was the shared surname and the title of being a created pureblood.

The feelings of calm and the relief shattered when Charlotte jolted at the sound of a piercing screech. Charlotte was suddenly dropped, the Mother Metal releasing her at once. She dropped to her feet with no problem, but her eyes widened in shock when she looked up.

Hanging almost limply in the air was Sara. The woman had been impaled by the Mother Metal. There was something inside of Charlotte that let her know that the woman had been struck through the heart by the fatal metal and, unlike Charlotte, the wound the woman sustained could and would kill her.

Screeching with fear and anger, Sara cried out, "I wasn't born to become like this!" Charlotte could hear the cracking of her sister's skin as her body was beginning to react to the metal.

Purebloods were strange and they were hard to kill. They were the fastest and strongest and most powerful creatures on the whole earth. There were only two things that could end their lives. It was either one of their own kind─another pureblood─or a weapon made of Mother Metal. Now, using the Mother Metal to kill one of them was tricky. Whilst it can kill them, the pureblood must be struck in one of two places for the wound to become fatal for them. In order to properly kill a pureblood with Mother Metal, the pureblood must be struck in either the heart or the head. More commonly, the heart is the choice, but it really is a matter of whether the one trying to kill them can land the hit because purebloods are the fastest and strongest and most powerful creatures on the whole of the earth.

Charlotte watched with a dull fascination as Sara was dropped from the air, the metal retreating out of her and moving to go in a different direction. Charlotte didn't know whether to be irritated or relieved that Sara was dying. She was torn between being glad that she didn't have to do any work, but she also felt a bit irritated that it wasn't her who had dealt the finishing blow.

"Miss Charlotte!" Luz called, limping quickly towards the pink haired girl. Charlotte turned to look at her incredulously and her eyes widened when she saw Shane, Cipriano and Guillermo following after her. Luz looked unaffected by the chaos that was quickly consuming the Association, but Charlotte briefly wondered where the girl had gotten her injury from.

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