Chapter 33

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Charlotte frowned at the drawing, her eyes focusing in on the details. Although it was not coloured, she knew what to image of the drawing, she had met this person before and the look in their eyes now was very unsettling. With a sigh, she closed her sketch pad and placed the cap on her tin of drawing pencils and ran her hand through her hair, scooting off her bed and walking to her desk to place the pad and tin on the desk.

Looking around her dark room, she sighed again and walked to a closed door by the left wall, opening it to reveal a large bathroom. She shut the door behind her and locked it, her bare feet coming in contact with the cold tile, sending a shiver down her spine. She glanced at the light switch, contemplating on whether she should turn it on or not, but with a wave of her hand, she walked away from it, leaving the bathroom dark. The black marble tile that was throughout the entire bathroom making the room darker than it should have been, but being a creature of the night she was able to see perfectly.

Black marble tile probably wasn't the best flooring to use in a bathroom and Charlotte had come to realise this the first time she ever showered in the bathroom, almost losing her footing on the wet floor, but she was able to quickly catch her balance. But that had only happened once. Now she was unfazed by it, never had the sense of slipping on the floor because it was wet, as when the shower was on, all the of the water spread across the floor, a drain in the middle of the large bathroom.

She walked to where the shower head was along with the knobs for the water. She turned on the hot water, twisting the knob to turn it on. The water heated up immediately and she moved out of the spray, the hot water only catching her on her feet. She looked down at the water that hit the floor, it all heading down to the centre of the room as the floor was at a slight incline stemming from the centre of the room where the drain was so that all the water could leak down to it. She watched as it made its way to the middle, the water going slow despite that the water coming out of the shower head was coming out at a rapid speed.

She stripped out of her clothes, folding them neatly on the counter and pressing the power button on her radio in the bathroom that she turned on whenever she took a shower. It only played classical music as that's all she's been in the mood to listen to lately, not quite feeling it with the other songs and genres she used to listen to like bands called Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco, and even One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

When the sound of an opening cello filled her ears she took a quick look at herself in the mirror. It had only meant to be a glance, but she cringed at the sight of her and she leant forward to take a closer look at her face through the mirror. She had slightly dark circles around her eyes, barely noticeable bags beneath her eyes, her skin was much paler than it should have been and her eyes that were normally a lively dark blue were dull and almost lifeless. Her hair that was once a platinum blonde, fluffy and voluminous with health was now limp, pinkish blonde (due to the hair dye) and almost straw like had it not been for her natural vampire health that kept it from looking completely dead.

She frowned and looked away from her reflection that made her sad, shaking her head and walking away as the steam in the bathroom from the hot water began to fog up the mirror. She stepped under the hot water, arching her back slightly at the sudden change in temperature on her skin, going from sickly warm to intensely hot, burning her skin. But after a couple of seconds of forcing herself to stay under the almost boiling spray, she felt her muscles relax and she sighed, tilting her head back to run her hair beneath the water. She closed her eyes before taking a step back to step fully beneath the spray of the water, engulfing her face beneath it.

After soaking her hair in the hot water and watching a bit of pink-tinted water come out of her hair, she grabbed her shampoo, squeezing out a bit and stepping out from under the spray, beginning to rub the shampoo in her hair, starting from the bottom of her long hair. She squeezed a bit more out onto her hand before finishing the rest of her hair, massaging the rest into the top of her head, leaning over a bit. She could see some of what was left of the dye tinting the lather of the shampoo pink slightly, but only slightly as there wasn't much left of the dye in her hair and that little bit that was still there was going to cling to her hair for a good month before it's finally washed out.

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