Chapter 23

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Charlotte had her legs wrapped around Shane's torso and her arms wrapped loosely around his neck as she clung to him whilst he walked out of the train behind Hanabusa and Rima, Akatsuki beside them. She didn't feel like walking and was able to talk Shane into agreeing to carry her without having to bend his will or intimidate him in anyway. It was basically a lot of whining and annoying him until he said yes.

As they stepped out, all eyes were on them, every single human inside of the train station were staring at the beautiful creatures who had just stepped off the train: the Night Class. Men, women and children gazed admirably at the vampires as they all had an emotionless expression on their faces. There was a slight buzz of whispers as the humans whispered amongst themselves, quietly praising the group or voicing their jealousy at how beautiful the teenagers were and they found it unfathomable how a group could 'win the genetic lottery' and grow to be so beautiful.

Charlotte got off of Shane's back and grabbed her carry-on bag from Akatsuki who handed it to her when she turned to him. She gave him a nearly silent 'thank you' and he tilted his head, noticing the uncomfortability of her stance as she was almost curling in on herself. He was awfully confused. One moment the girl basks in the attention she's given, but in the next - at the train station - she can't stand it and wants to flee. She was a confusing girl and he struggled with trying to come up with an explanation for her sudden uncomfortable behaviour.

"Lord Kaname..." Hanabusa began, looking around cautiously, "we should have taken a car even if it have taken longer than the train." Despite how uncomfortable Charlotte had grown with the unsettling attention, she shook her head, disagreeing with her brother. He gave her an incredulous look, he having noticed her body language as well.

"Aido, we're only being watched, I doubt these people would rush us." Kaname's words were gentle and reassuring, a kind smile on his face as he looked at the boy, giving Charlotte a side glance as well. Almost instinctively, Charlotte turned to Takuma and quickly stood beside him and he gave her a smile at her approach. "We'll be fine."

Ruka sighed, "The Day Class started off by only gazing at us." She didn't look the least bit worried but more inconvenienced than anything. She scanned her eyes over the crowd of human who had stopped what they were doing just to admire the beauty of the vampires as they had gotten off th train. They were still whispering amongst themselves and Charlotte had to force herself to tune them out.

"Now that you mention it..." Takuma furrowed his eyebrows together, "Kaname is the only one that is watched from a distance at the school. Maybe they instinctually understand that he is a 'fiendish creature wearing the skin of a beautiful human'...?" Takuma looked deep in thought and Ruka called to him, an appalled tone to her voice.

Charlotte nodded, looking over at Kaname, "'Fiendish creature' sounds about right. Although, 'wearing the skin of a beautiful human'? A bit morbid, don't you think, Takuma?" The blond boy shrugged with a sigh before they all began to walk.

"Lord Kaname, Ichijo and Charlotte are saying those things about you," tattled Hanabusa and Charlotte hissed at her brother, allowing a sharp gust of wind to strike him in the back of his head and only his, he being the only to feel the wind as it sent a painful sensation to the back of his head, causing his eyes to water and he yelped pitifully at the feeling.

Kaname chuckled, looking back to see the siblings glaring at each other vehemently and he cleared his throat to gain his attention, Hanabusa being the first to give it to him. "In any case, it's finally break, let's stop with the formalities, Hanabusa. Charlotte dropped the honorifics a long time ago and it is quite refreshing to not be treated so highly and almost like everyone is walking on eggshells around you." Both Hanabusa and Ruka glared at the girl as she got the praise from Kaname and she stuck her tongue out at both of them.

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