Chapter 9

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There was a ringing in her ears, a terrible pain in her head and the inside of her felt like it had been set on fire. Both sides of her face were grasped in Kaname's large hands, his slim fingers tangling themselves into her long platinum blonde hair as he forced her to shove down her scream of pain. He couldn't will her to do anything but the harsh sound of his voice inside of her head scaring her enough to become obedient even if it was only briefly.

"Even from the start, you never listened to a single thing you were told. Charlotte, you are a rarity and rarities are to be treasured and protected. Someone like you only comes around every so often. The blood inside you is highly impressionable. All vampires have the capability to absorb the power and memories of those whose blood we consume, but you can take in everything." Kaname's voice was quiet and a lot gentler than his eyes. 

The confusion was clear in Charlotte's dark blue eyes as she looked up at him and his sudden change in tone. "You went four years with feeding from a pureblood, Charlotte. Four years of growing and consuming. The blood you consumed, the rarest blood you can ever get, began to eat away the human blood inside of you from your ancestors. The more you drank of their blood, the less human blood you had, the less humanity you had.

"You are aware that even aristocrats had human ancestors, had just a bit of human blood flowing through them from that time way back when. But you... no other vampire can survive drinking the amount of pure blood you've drinken. The more of our blood you drank, the stronger you became. You were becoming more like us each time. The other vampires could sense it but wouldn't believe it, as it shouldn't be possible... but you're sat right here. You shouldn't be possible.

"I made you pure, Charlotte. You have no human blood inside of you from your ancestors anymore. I finished off what had been started, I sealed it. I made you a vampire amongst vampires, Charlotte." He leant closer to her ear, "I made you a pureblood."

He let her go but she stayed where she was, staring up at him, disbelief in her eyes. Her mind was racing with confusion; how can a pureblood be made? That shouldn't have been possible, at all. She tried to think of things to counter what he said, to tell him he had made a mistake and she wasn't pure at all, but the more she thought about it the more she found his words to be true. She had always been aware of the human blood inside her despite it being so little and barely detectable, but there nevertheless. But she couldn't feel it anymore, no human inside of her whatsoever, all there was was vampire blood, she could identify the two vampires' blood inside of her but she felt no connection to them at all.

"But... there isn't any purity in my family line..." her voice was small, her eyebrows furrowed, that being the only thing she could come up with. Her head was pounding even more now and she groaned quietly, resting her face in her hands and her elbows propped up on her thighs. "Ugh, my head hurts. This is all too complicated."

"The purity in the Aido line starts with you."


Charlotte walked along side Zero quietly. A pair of black Ray Bans covering her eyes, her hands shoved into her trousers' pockets and a black cardie covering her arms from the sun. She had been sent out with him on Kaname's orders and because the boy had asked her to join him as well. She was surprised at his request, she having thought they were done and he was angry at her but it seemed that simply wasn't the case. She also assumed he wanted to and had to do this case by himself, the Hunter Association not really wanting aristocrats to get to the Level E's before a Hunter did as it wasn't the aristocrat's job.

"Why'd you need me to tag along?" She asked, running her hand through her long fringe, squinting at the path in front of her despite wearing sunglasses. "He's over here... the building in front of us on the third storey." She wasn't sure if he could sense the vampire but she decided to give him the information she had gathered quickly. "Also... Yuki's following us as well as a couple of other students from the Night Class, so we better hurry."

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