Chapter 15

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"Charlie... Kaname told me to inform you that the Headmaster is asking for you," Takuma said, knocking on her open door as she lay on her bed, her head hanging off the edge whilst reading a book. The bottom half of her hair was still on the bed while the top half was almost touching the floor and Takuma marvelled at the length of it. "Uh... the Headmaster said it's urgent... please go."

With a sigh, she shut her book, threw it at the wall opposite to her and somersaulted off her bed and to her feet, smoothing out her band shirt and picking up her jeans as they had slid down her hips a little. She pushed her long fringe out of her face, "Dammit, I was hoping I wouldn't have to socialise today, I even skipped class and everything... but that just went to shit." She shoved her feet into a pair of black TOMS before walking past Takuma and out of her room.

She left the dorm without another word, leaving Takuma by himself as she made her way out of the Moon Dorm gates and towards the Headmaster's private residence where she assumed he was as it wasn't really his thing to be constantly at the main building especially since Zero was ill from having shot himself in the thigh a week ago.

She could see her brother looking down at her from one of the windows in the building as she made her way to the Headmaster's residence. She gave a small smile before turning around and knocking the door. When there was silence and no one answering the door, she knocked a couple of more time again. With an exasperated sigh, she opened the door herself, too impatient to wait to be invited in by the man who summoned her.

Closing the door behind her, she followed the muffled voices that were coming from upstairs. Lately, she had been tuning everything out around her, ignoring just about everyone besides her brother and Kaname. She had barely went to class this week and hoped to do the same for the next two weeks but she doubted that would be possible as Kaname would eventually drag her to class one day.

Getting up the stairs she frowned at the Headmaster trying to keep Zero inside, trying to get him to go back to bed. "Kiryu, your wound is not healed yet! You don't have to do the prefect's night job! I'll be scolded by Yuki if you don't stay in bed. Besides, it's your fault. Shooting your leg with the gun for vampires was careless of you. Idiot." Charlotte cleared her throat awkwardly and both turned to her, a shocked look on Zero's face and a relieved one on the Headmaster's. "Charlotte! Thank God you came! Keep an eye on Zero for me, yeah? Make sure he stays in bed. I have things to do in my office at the main building."

Charlotte rose an eyebrow, a slight smirk on her naturally dark pink lips, "You want me to babysit?" Zero looked appalled and he glared at the Headmaster, causing Charlotte's smirk to falter slightly as she had thought he would glare at her rather than him. "But who's helping Yuki with patrolling? Are you doing it?"

The Headmaster gasped, looking torn at what she had said. "Oh no! I didn't even realise, that wasn't even on my mind!"

"Zero? Charlotte? What are you doing here, Charlotte? Zero, why are you out of bed?" Yuki asked suddenly, causing both the Headmaster and Zero to jump in surprise but Charlotte just smiled and waved at the girl. "Zero, are you okay?" Zero nodded, a slight smile on her lips and Charlotte narrowed his eyes. She stepped towards him and placed her hand on his forehead before the Headmaster could.

"You fucking liar," she scolded playfully, "you have a bloody fever." The Headmaster swatted her hand away to feel his forehead with himself and he grunted with annoyance and a slight glare at the boy.

"You are lying! You still have a fever! He's being bullheaded because he boobed! He's such a trouble, seriously," The Headmaster grumbled as his hand was swatted away by the silver haired boy. Charlotte snickered at the look on his face as he glared at the Headmaster, a sudden determined look on his face. "I don't know whether to have Charlotte take care of you or send her out with Yuki to help patrol."

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