Chapter 48

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Charlotte tried for a fifth time, rapping hard on the door with the side of her fist. Just like the last four times, she didn't get a reply on the other end and she was beginning to get annoyed. The door was locked, so she couldn't really get inside Hanabusa's room civilly and calmly. Her brother had locked himself inside of his room and refused to come out since the day that she dragged him out of the Hunters' Association headquarters. He hadn't spoken to anyone, either, not even her.

"Hanabusa, come out! Please, I need to talk to you!" Charlotte pleaded, resting her forehead against the door. She sighed deeply and shook her head. "Hana... please." Her voice was small then and it sounded a little croaky, but the feelings that would usually come with that kind of voice change weren't there, for she forced out a voice like that just to see what would happen if her brother heard it.

She waited a few seconds and nothing happened, causing her to huff and take a couple of steps back from the door, "Alright, you've asked for it. Dammit, I didn't want to have to do this!" She waited another few seconds, trying to see if Hanabusa would do anything, shout at her or something, but she was met with his familiar silence once again.

Growling deeply from her chest, she balanced herself back on one foot as she lifted her other and used her balancing foot for the basis of her strength as she kicked Hanabusa's door. The door flew off its hinges and into his dark room. He didn't react at all when Charlotte kicked down his door, he just stayed face down on his bed.

"Hanabusa!" She yelled, "Get up, right now. It's been a bloody fortnight since you've left your room and I really need to talk to you- Jesus Christ! You stink!" She slapped a hand over her nose and mouth. She supposed if her brother was too grief-stricken to even leave his bed, he probably didn't even have the motivation to walk the five metres to his bathroom where he should have showered at least twice during the fortnight he'd been shut in.

"Go away," he said into his pillow, the material muffling his voice. "Get out, Charlotte."

"No." She stalked to his bed, grabbing him by the back of his sweater vest and she dragged him off of his bed. He tried to break her grasp on him, but she was much stronger than he was and he wouldn't have stood a chance. He clawed at her hand as she dragged him, but she didn't stop or let him go.

She dragged him all the way inside of his shower and she turned on the cold water before she detached the shower head. As the ice cold water shot out, she let go of her brother but cornered him inside of the shower as she sprayed him with the freezing water. He tried to freeze the shower head so no water could come out, but Charlotte melted the ice every time it tried to develop over it.

"STOP IT!" The entire shower head was suddenly engulfed in Hanabusa's ice, including Charlotte's hand and she didn't bother to try and melt it. His eyes were glowing red and his fangs were exposed. He was breathing heavily and soaking wet, glaring vehemently at his sister. "What the hell do you want, Charlotte?!" His voice had lowered an octave and Charlotte knew immediately that Hanabusa was really, really angry.

"I want you to pull yourself together, Hana." She melted the ice that encased her hand and the shower head before she clicked the shower head back in place and the water began to come out again. She held out her hand for her brother to grab, which he did, and she hoisted him to his feet. But she left him there as she turned on her heels and walked out the door. "Clean yourself up, I'll be in the parlour when you're done and we can talk there."

Charlotte left his room entirely, hearing her brother muttering unpleasant things under his breath as she exited his room. She went to her own room, glancing at the digital clock sitting on her nightstand. Noting the time, she began to search through her clothing, finding something presentable to wear for where she and Hanabusa were going─if all went well with their talk. She hoped he'd do what she asked, that way she wouldn't have to use any type of her pureblood persuasion on anybody.

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