Chapter 49

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Leaning against the wall, Charlotte groaned deep in her throat as she listened to Yagari speak, "Students of Cross Academy! There will be a branch school of Cross Academy built in an adjoining area. It's called the 'Night Class', though it's been over a year since its dormitory was destroyed." While the students listened attentively to him, some of them began to whisper amongst themselves about the vague familiarity of the Night Class from a year ago.

There were only about a handful of students who remembered what really happened to the Night Class on that day with Rido, those same students knew of the Night Class' true identity. However, the majority of the students only remembered that the Night Class merely existed, but they didn't remember that every single member was a vampire. And that was courtesy of the Hunters, Kaname and Charlotte. The Hunters helped by using a spell to veil memories whilst Kaname and Charlotte actually erased memories.

Charlotte left the auditorium where the Cross Academy students were gathered by Kaien and Yagari, and she walked to the old Moon Dormitory that Shizuka had stayed at one point in time. For the time being, the Night Class would reside in the old-old dormitory whilst a new one was being built where the one that had been destroyed was. It wasn't a long walk, and Charlotte was thankful for that because it was day time.

Walking inside, Yuki smiled at her and said, "I've been waiting for you. How was it with the Day Class?"

"Some are thrilled that we're coming back, others are terrified that we're coming back. Some barely even remember our very existence. I suppose we won't have the same problem as we did last time with them fangirling over us and causing us trouble." Charlotte shrugged off her coat and hung it on the rack beside the door. She sighed and ran her hand through her fringe, happy with herself for finally trimming it so it was no longer a nuisance.

Hanabusa joined the pair and smiled, "Shall we go out now?"

Sighing with exasperation, Charlotte said, "I guess. Let's go talk to the kiddies."

"They're not much younger than you are." Hanabusa rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, you nineteen year old," Charlotte hummed, "you old man."

Composing themselves as they entered the parlour where all the vampires were, Hanabusa had refrained from glaring at his sister. Everyone immediately stopped talking when the three of them arrived. They all bowed at the sight of them, they being their superiors in social status and age. Well, Charlotte and Hanabusa were older than them, Yuki was just about their age. If Charlotte recalled, the youngest of them was fifteen.

"Once again, I thank you all for coming here. I think a great many of you might be confused since this if your first time in the dormitories or classrooms, so if you have any problems... then please, count on me as the errand girl!" Yuki announced with a passionate look in her eyes and Charlotte just about face palmed. In just about any situation, Yuki could shine through as the ditzy one and she was sure that these kids were just about to find out that not all purebloods were elegant and omniscience like they seemed to be.

"That's wrong!" Hanabusa snapped, "There are other things you can say, like 'take me as a role model', or 'I'll lend an ear to your problems', you stupid pureblood!" Charlotte burst out laughing and the students looked at the three with astonishment and confusion with how they interacted with each other, while Senri and Rima just seemed bored, already used to how the three acted. "Agh! The prestige of the 'Great Purebloods'!"

"Alright, kiddies, what she means is that she knows how this shit works, so if you've any questions, you can go and ask her," Charlotte cleared up boredly, scanning her eyes across the students who just stared back at them in silence.

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