Chapter 26

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Charlotte could hear the Day Class outside, her excellent hearing coming back to kick her in the ass. She could hear a couple arguing, she didn't know where they were on campus, nor did she care, but she couldn't help but chuckle at the girl's whining about how her boyfriend was never really looking at her but rather at other girls.

She listened in on their argument for a few minutes, listening as the girl broke off their relationship in a fit of rage and the boy calling after her. Charlotte sat up with an irritable growl leaving her lips and she threw her duvet off of her, hopping off her bed and quietly walking over to her closet, shedding off her pyjamas as they made her way to the sliding doors.

She grabbed a pair of dark red skinny jeans and black Asking Alexandria band shirt. Being struck with laziness, like usual, she shoved her pale feet into her pair of black TOMS. She grabbed her mobile from off its charger and her purse, shoving both into her back pockets. She stared at her iPod for a few long seconds, debating whether she should bring it. Pursing her lips, she decided on bringing it and she grabbing it off of her dresser along with her earbuds and her black Ray Bans sunglasses and she left her room quietly.

She looked down the corridor and back at Kaname's door before stepping fully out of her room and out into the corridor, shutting her door quietly behind her. Her footsteps were soft and light, barely audible, the only one being able to hear them was Kaname as he stared out his window and down at the Day Class as they socialised during their lunch hour. He listened to Charlotte leave quietly, a small smile on his face at the girl's lack of concern for her insomnia.

Charlotte grabbed her parasol that she often left by the front door for her tendencies to leave the dorm during the day. Just as she was going to open the door, she heard footsteps a few metres behind her and she turned her head, catching the sight of Shane stood at the top of the stairs, rubbing sleep from his eyes and a look of confusion on his face.

"Would you like to come with me?" She asked him quietly, turning around fully to face him and he tilted his head to the side. He yawned, his fangs poking out a bit, a clear sign that he was tired, and he nodded, stepping down the stairs to get to her at the front door. "Did you sleep in your clothes and shoes...?" He nodded, yawning again and she chuckled. "If you're so tired, why don't you go back to sleep?" He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets as he finally walked up to her.

She pulled open the door as well as the parasol and held it over her to shadow her from the sun just as they had stepped out of the dorm. Shane closed the doors behind him and got under Charlotte's parasol when she made room for him beside her underneath it. He didn't bother asking where they were going, nor did he care, he was just glad to get out of the dorm. He didn't quite like it there as the students were rude to him, the only nice ones were Charlotte, Takuma, Senri and Rima. Kaname was indifferent to him when the boy was in his presence and he didn't mind that, understanding that the pureblood was busy and didn't have time for an ex-human like him.

"Are you and Takuma... you know... a thing?" Shane asked as they walked through the gates of the dorm. Charlotte waved to a girl she recalled as Sarah when the girl had called her name. They were both thankful the students were too busy with their social lives to pay them any attention, and also because Zero was stood relatively close to them, causing the girls to stray away from them in fear of Zero.

Charlotte shook her head, a small chuckle leaving her lips, "No, we're not 'a thing'." Finally leaving through the front gates with Zero casting them one last glance with his eyebrows furrowed, wondering why they were leaving during the day, but not doing anything about it because he trusted Charlotte that much that she wouldn't cause any trouble. "We're... we're going to go to my house, okay? I have to grab something from there."

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