Chapter 46

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"Is it true?!" Alondra insisted, grabbing Charlotte's hand and keeping her from strumming the guitar, something she had been doing for the past hour without speaking. Charlotte was expressionless as she looked up at the older woman and she gave a simple nod before ripping her arm out of her grasp and continuing her strumming. "Dammit, Charlotte, pay attention to me!"

"What the hell do you want me to say, Alondra?! That Kaname, the man that I continue to fucking trust with everything I have, bloody murdered my fucking father?!" Charlotte suddenly screamed, throwing the acoustic guitar, the instrument breaking as it hit the tiled floor of the parlour. For the last two days, the woman had been bugging Charlotte about Kaname's whereabouts, not believing her when she said the truthful statement of 'I don't know'. And today, the woman had discovered the actions the old pureblood had made the day of his disappearance.

For the last two days, it was endless: 'I'm sorry for your loss, Lady Charlotte'; 'You must be so sad, my lady'; 'Drink away your sorrows, Lady Charlotte, with this offering of seventeen hundred human children'. (Okay, the last one was an exaggeration, but a human child was offered as a sacrifice for her possible sadness.) It was a recurring mantra that she was tired of hearing and she just wanted to be left alone.

"Yes, it's bloody true, Alondra. Now, leave me the fuck alone. I have to go and get a new guitar now. Dammit!" She stood from her seat on the couch and stalked over to the broken guitar on the floor, but she stopped and just looked down at it. "Dammit..." her voice was tiny and whispery.

"I'm sorry..." Alondra said taking a slight step towards her.

"Shut up," Charlotte muttered. "Just shut up. I'm tired of hearing that people are sorry. You lot being sorry isn't going to bring my father back, so it would be great if you could all just stop with your useless apologies." She ran her hand through her fading pink hair and looked up at the ceiling, sighing deeply.

"You said that you trust him-"

"I still trust him. Because this is Kaname that we're talking about, I know my father's death may not have been as unnecessary as it seems now. I understand that the many deaths that may come will just be collateral damage, and they are a mean to an end; my father's death is─I am blindly hoping─amongst those things." She clenched her fists and forced her voice to stay steady, "I don't exactly know what the future holds at this point in time, but I know it won't be long before we get some sort of relief. So, please, stop asking me questions."

And Charlotte was gone, leaving a slight mist that left behind the scent of lavender─the scent of her shampoo.


The Aido Mansion was not the happy and airy place it usually was. It was heavy, thick, sad and dreadful. The usual corridors that once housed many bustling servants and three happy daughters chatting with each other, and the governess, were empty and dreary. The lights were dimmed and the mansion was practically silent.

Charlotte absolutely hated it, to say the least.

"Charlotte?" A timid and unsure voice asked, the familiar voice of Tsukiko, one of her half sisters. The girl's large light blue eyes were unsure of Charlotte's sudden appearance and her under eyes were slightly puffy. Her cheeks had a light unflattering rosy colour and her blonde hair that was usually very well kept was messy. "Is that really you, Charlotte?"

Forcing out a smile that looked sad, Charlotte whispered, "Yeah..."

And the girl ran to her, slamming her smaller body into Charlotte's taller frame. Tsukiko held onto Charlotte very tightly like she might disappear. She clung to her and buried her face into Charlotte's torso.

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