Chapter 27

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Charlotte drummed her fingers rhythmically on the table, staring down absently at the front of the room as the teacher spoke about something completely irrelevant to her. She could feel the gaze of several people staring at her, her hand was slightly stained black and when asked about it all she had said was, "I accidentally touched my soul," and brushed them off.

She leant back into her seat, crossing her arms over her chest and propping her legs up on the table. She blocked the teacher's face out with her foot and leant her head back over the top of the bench and she looked up at the ceiling. A few minutes in the position, she suddenly sat up and slid off the bench, walking out of the room, glad that the teacher stopped trying to get her stay in class ages ago - she didn't know if it was because of her new status or they just stopped trying.

The corridor was dark and quiet, just the way she liked it. She was the only one out of class as far as she could tell. She could hear several teachers teaching in a few classrooms and Yuki and Zero talking outside, but she didn't bother to listen in on all the talking. She shoved her hands into her pockets and continued to walk down the corridor and out the main building.

She walked outside, the cold night wind sweeping through her hair and causing her to shiver, as she wasn't wearing a jumper. She looked up at the starry sky with a sigh and continued to walk. She walked across the grass and towards the woods, hoping to get to the lake through them without getting lost. But she could feel the running water below the ground, she could feel it flowing towards a bigger body of water and she followed the sensation.

Coming to stop right at the water's edge, she looked into the water that looked black, tiny little ripples shaking across the water with the night's wind. She took a step out onto the water, her feet right over the water, it feeling solid beneath her but she could still feel the rippling water beneath her. She walked out slowly to the centre, her steps leisure and elegant.

Stood in the centre of the lake, she looked up at the sky, the dark blue colour of it filled with millions of stars and she wasn't sure if it was dark enough for her to be able to see so many or if it was her extraordinary vision that allowed her to see them all. She pushed her fringe out of her face at the sound of a snapping twig and she turned in that direction, seeing a figure step out of the darkness of the woods.

"Well, if it isn't the next Jesus?" Ichiru chuckled at his own joke as he sauntered over to the edge of the lake, flashing Charlotte a dashing smile. She couldn't help but smile herself at the sight of his smile, the ends of his lips curling up in slight cruelty and she couldn't help but love the sight of it.

She walked towards him, watching his face contort in surprise as she displayed her ability to walk across the water, as he had thought she had used her ice ability to give her an advantage to walk over the water, but that simply wasn't the case.

Finally stepping back onto the sand, she stood in front of Ichiru, a smirk on her face, "That's what I said when I first discovered I can walk on water." She chuckled and walked past him and back into the woods, "Aren't you supposed to be in bed? Day Class curfew was hours ago, Yuki's going to chew you out for this." Ichiru's laugh was almost cynical.

"She's no one to be afraid of," he spat, following after her. He watched her walk, her hands swaying by her sides as well as her hair swaying as she walked. He got a flash of an image from when they were younger, when it was just him, Charlotte and Shizuka, the way the moonlight hit her hair had sent a feeling of nostalgia rushing through him, the colour of her hair familiar.


Fourteen year old Charlotte walked ahead of both Shizuka and Ichiru and towards the ocean's edge, making a face at the feeling of the sand squishing between her toes. She had only been to the sea once and that was during the day so she didn't quite enjoy it, she sat underneath the umbrella with the twins' mum almost the whole time, but now it was nighttime and she could enjoy it, especially the beauty of the sea at night.

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