Chapter 47

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"I didn't know you could drive..." Hanabusa said quietly from the passenger seat. Charlotte was behind the wheel and driving him back to the Kuran Mansion, saying that he smelt and needed a shower and a change of clothes. He had been in the Vampire Association's cells for nearly a week, refusing to leave and to see and talk to anyone.

So, Charlotte being his reckless younger sister, she marched inside of the building (with Yargari's help getting her inside) and yanked her brother from his cell and dragged him to the car park where she hot-wired a car.

Laughing nervously, she said, "Me neither. This is the first time I'm doing so. I looked up how to hotwire a car before I came. I came prepared, brother. Let's just hope we don't crash and die." Charlotte had never driven before in her life, but she got the idea to drive and how to drive from watching Yagari as he drove her home a few nights before. She supposed it couldn't be that hard, especially since it was night time and no one should be out on the streets. No humans, at least. She was sure that the humans had a curfew─regardless if they were adults─because the neighbouring towns were towns ideal for vampires to live.

"WHAT?!" Hanabusa suddenly screeched, completely ditching his sad and grumpy demeanour. He went to reach for the door, but Charlotte was quick to lock it to keep him from throwing himself out of the moving car. "Charlotte, let me out!" He pulled at the handle several times, trying to open it, completely forgetting that he could unlock it to get out. "CHARLOTTE!"

"Jesus Christ, why the hell are you yelling?! Quit being a distraction, I'm a first-time driver and I need concentration," she snapped at him, forcing her eyes to stay on the road rather than on her brother. "Besides, I'm driving rather well, don't you think? We'll be fine."

"But you can't die! I can die!" He cried, still trying to open the door.

"I liked you better when you were sulking!" Charlotte growled, glaring out the windscreen. And just like that, it was like a switch flipped inside Hanabusa and he slumped down into the seat with a slight scowl on his face. "Dammit, I didn't mean it. Go back to being manic, you're much more entertaining."

He gave a soft sad laugh and shook his head slightly, "How do you do it, Charlotte? You were just as broken as I was at the time of his death." He caught that her hands tightened on the wheel and she set her jaw slightly. Her playful and cheery attitude had almost vanished, submerging the car into an atmosphere of anger and anguish. "How are you okay, Charlie?"

"In truth, I am not okay. There is no way that I can be okay. But I have to pretend to be okay," she said after a couple of seconds.

"Who says that you have to?"

"It's not that it's something that is generally spoken, it's what is expected. I'm a pureblood, Hana, we don't show our true emotions, remember? And plus, there is only room for one of us to be sad. I don't have time to be sad nor can we afford for me to be sad with being so far into our game." All playfulness had left her dark blue eyes and her eyes to seemed to have gotten darker. Her jaw was clenched and her eyebrows were furrowed together.

Hanabusa looked at her for a really long time before saying, "You had no problem or doubt in continuing to follow Kaname and Yuki, did you?" He laughed humorlessly, "Of course you didn't. Your life is sorted out in such a way-"

"I had a feeling that something would happen that could cause sway in my trust in Kaname, so I was able to prepare for it, Hanabusa." She risked taking her eyes off the road to look at her brother for a few seconds, "I know Kaname on such a level that nobody else could ever know him. I know what he's been through and I know his reasons for making the choices he does. However, I do not know the reason for his actions towards our father, but I know that it was not something that was rash and unnecessary. I am very upset that it had to happen that way, but there is nothing that can be done anymore. I promised Kaname that I would stay by his side no matter what, and you know that I am not one to break my promises."

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