Chapter 69

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Now was the time. They had all been waiting for this, knowing that it was inevitable, and everyone but Kaname had been dreading the start. Charlotte could feel the powerful presence of the purebloods and their accompanying armies. She could feel their powerful presence as well as the nauseating buzz of their thoughts.

Charlotte closed her eyes and clung to Kaname, sighing with irritation when she couldn't shut out the flurry of voices that she was hearing—the flurry of thoughts from the purebloods and soldiers alike. She was sure that Kaname could hear them, too, not only because her blood was making him stronger, but also because he was reading it from her thoughts.

He detached himself from her soon enough, staggering back with a couple of rivulets of her blood rolling down his pale chin. His usual brown eyes were an iridescent red, glowing the darkness of the cell.

"What is your plan, Charlotte?" He asked her softly, reaching out and wiping the drop of blood that was sliding down her shoulder and towards her shirt. His touch was warmer than usual and Charlotte had never seen him so content. His face was relaxed and he was more at ease than he had ever been. She wasn't sure if it was a result of her blood or the fact that it was nearly time to complete his mission.

"To protect you," she whispered, marvelling over the fact that she didn't feel the least bit fatigued despite her blood loss. "That has always been my plan: keep you safe but flank your actions. You fight, I fight. Hasn't it always been that way?"

Kaname chuckled, "Though you and I were on opposing sides just very recently, it would seem that you're right. You never had the intention of killing me like the others did, you still trusted in that I would eventually find my way back. I can't say that I did, but I did find some way."

"And by 'some way', you mean a purpose," she said, fighting off a glare when she realised they were quickly approaching that dreaded topic that she was beginning to resent. She was still frustrated about her helplessness in Kaname's decision to give his heart. She doubted that she would ever be content with it.

"Yes," he nodded. "Charlie, you have to understand that this needs to be done. Not only is this giving me a purpose in my terribly long life, but it also giving safety to the-"

"Humans. Safety to the humans. Got it," she cut him off waspishly. She then waved her hand, taking a settling deep breath, "We don't have time for this argument again, we've done it enough. The others need our help. And it's like I said, I'll flank your actions, so take the lead, Lord Asshole." She gestured towards the open cell doors.


Cipriano watched in awe as Shane killed two Level E's almost at once. They had run towards him in their usual order and bloodlust driven frenzy and he had cut them down immediately and effortlessly. He wasn't working with limited equipment like the Level E's were. He had been given Charlotte's powerful blood on more than one occasion in the last two years.

Shane not only had the telekinetic ability than much higher ranked vampires had, but he also possessed a level of speed and strength that the aristocrats had. Cipriano himself had the same abilities, as well as some others that he had before he was turned, but other than that, there wasn't anything special about him. He marvelled at how gracefully Shane moved and briefly wondered if he looked the same.

Even his brother, who was never a fighter, was holding up pretty well against the enemy. He had the ability to mimic others' abilities and at that moment, he was with Akatsuki and Luz, aiding them with the same pyro ability that they possessed. Together, the three of them were igniting Level E's left and right effortlessly. Guillermo and Luz seemed pretty comfortable in extinguishing these pitiful creatures' lives.

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