Chapter 51

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Charlotte was playing the piano rather aggressively. She had a scowl on her face as well as a very strong feeling of abhorrence. She didn't stop playing when she felt another presence enter into the room─she wasn't bothered at all.

Cross Academy had a couple of band rooms; one was solely for string instruments and the other was for the percussion and wind. Though the piano could easily have fit into the other room, Kaien Cross had had the piano placed in the music room with the string instruments. She wasn't complaining, for she felt that the piano fit in much better in this room than the percussion and wind instruments one. She didn't care much for those instruments.

"I didn't know you could play the piano, Charlotte-san," Yori announced quietly. Charlotte's face immediately softened and she looked up at the clock, seeing that it was nearly three in the morning. "Though, I'd expect no less from someone like you." Charlotte could hear the smile in her voice and that brought on a small smile to Charlotte's own lips.

"Someone like me?" She asked with amusement, taking one hand off the keys to pat the space on the bench beside her. Yori took the space and Charlotte looked over at her. "You get along well with 'someone like me'. Why is that? Normally when a human discovers our existence, they either pester us to become like us, or they hate us and want us dead. But you desire neither of those things."

Yori didn't answer right away. She looked up at Charlotte just as the pink haired girl was looking away. This wasn't the Charlotte that she was used to. Though she had barely known the girl during the first run of the Night Class, she had always been fond of her and found her to be a good person with a good heart despite that they had rarely ever spoken. She had enjoyed seeing that carefree smile on her face, that bright and childish sparkle in her dark blue eyes. But that was all gone now and she wondered why.

"I have no desire to be like you guys," she shook her head. "Just because you need blood to survive does not mean that you are monsters. Vampires are not the only ones who can be monsters; humans can be monsters, too." Yori had a soft smile on her face as she looked down and watched Charlotte's fingers dance across the keys. Though her fingers moved rather quickly, the melody of the song was rather light.

"Sometimes humans can be worse than vampires. I suppose vampires only seem scary because they're stronger than us humans. But I know that you lot have no desire to harm us. You're here to make peace with us and I think that it wonderful." As Charlotte's fingers slowed down just a tad, Yori put her own fingers on the keys, pressing down on a couple and matching Charlotte's tune. "I know you are dangerous, Charlie, but I know that there is a reason for the things that you do. You try your best to protect the ones you love and I know you will keep us and this academy safe to best of your abilities."

Charlotte laughed softly, "You see a bit of Yuki inside of us all, don't you? Yeah, I guess we're all a little sunflower-y on the inside."

As they played the piano together, Yori laughed, "You call her a sunflower when she's someone who lives under the moon."

"That girl does not belong under the moonlight," Charlotte sighed. "She is the sunniest vampire I have ever met. That girl should be running around under the sun; it's where she belongs..." Simultaneously, their fingers came to a slow halt. Charlotte was right (like always), Yuki did not quite fit in being a vampire─a pureblood at that. She wasn't sure if it was because she had spent so much time as a human, or it was because Yuki was just born with a natural ray of sunshine in her big heart.

Either way, Yuki Kuran better suited being a human rather than a vampire. She was at the opposite end of the spectrum of where she should have been. Yuki had never even been human from the start, she was a vampire amongst vampires, farthest from humans than anybody could be. There was no in between for the girl, she was never truly human─just a false one. Class B vampires had found her blood to be desirable even when she was human, something that Class B vampires never quite craved. Class B's only ever really craved pure blood or other vampire blood─never humans. Class E's and D's craved human blood, and so did purebloods, but the two middle classes didn't much care for it.

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