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Rare (Vampire Knight) by Nightlyxx
Rare (Vampire Knight)by Nightlyxx
"You're stronger now, stronger than an aristocrat should be. You're a rarity, Charlotte." - Had Charlotte Aido been born into a different family, her life prob...
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Power Rangers Ninja Steel: The Green Ranger ✔ by TheWhiteRabbit24
Power Rangers Ninja Steel: The Kʏ👑
// Completed & Edited // "When Galvanax, cruel champion of "Galaxy Warriors", claimed the mighty Power Stars, the two greatest ninjas on Earth sacrificed...
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I'm Natsu Of Sabertooth || Stingsu *ON HIATUS* by TheWhiteRabbit24
I'm Natsu Of Sabertooth || Kʏ👑
*On a long hiatus* // Book One // You've seen stories about Lucy being kicked out of the guild, leaving, etc. But what about Natsu? Natsu has been accused of killing Gr...
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pardon;username Ideas by seoksual
pardon;username Ideasby evil
ㅡusername ideas for the people who want to change their usernames. #871 in random don't mind me this is my first time k
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Rejected  || Bang chan  by No_nO_sKz_No
Rejected || Bang chan by Chan's Rubber ducky
What will you do when you get rejected by your crush? will you give up or fight till the end?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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The Boy Behind the Mask by BTShip
The Boy Behind the Maskby Stray Kids
Elias is an alpha that leads a relatively happy life both in and out of the pack. He's got a loving mate/wife, successful career and he leads the strongest pack. But wha...
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Him & I | Sweet Pea (1) ✔ by TheWhiteRabbit24
Him & I | Sweet Pea (1) ✔by Kʏ👑
// Book One In Protecting Her Series // "We got that love, the crazy kind..." "I love you more than anything, Sweet Pea...." I said. "What are...
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Art Book by FeyrhysNicercy4ever
Art Bookby Some rando Percico lover
Just some random art I've been experimenting with.
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Follow• Bangchan by hakkdodo
Follow• Bangchanby hakkdodo
"Excuse me. I know I'm handsome but you don't have to follow me." -Bang Chan Start:24th November 2018 #1 In kpopfic :-) #2 In Isuckatwriting Ironic
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Power Rangers Megaforce: Troy's Sister ✔ by TheWhiteRabbit24
Power Rangers Megaforce: Troy's Kʏ👑
// Completed & Edited // "Our world was once a safe and happy place until aliens arrived with one plan: to destroy Earth. Gosei, Earth's ancient guardian, awoke an...
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(Ohmwrecker x Reader) That One Giggle by NinjaChick456
(Ohmwrecker x Reader) That One Fangirl_Garbage
You meet Ryan (Ohmwrecker) and at first don't know what to think of him. You are caught robbing a bank when you run into him and you are forced to go with him. It is onl...
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Underground (Levi Ackerman x Reader) by fuzzyrainbows12
Underground (Levi Ackerman x Fuzzyrainbows12
Levi first met y/n when he was 15, in he underground. She had swooped into his life, effectively not only saving him, but captivating him as well....... Then it all went...
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Hermitcraft AUs and Oneshots by AestheticMoonie
Hermitcraft AUs and Oneshotsby Moonie~Chan
I suck at writing (:
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Sparks To A Flame by ReaderRed17
Sparks To A Flameby ReaderRed17
When Scott, Derek, and Stiles get kidnapped and one of them gets experimented on, how will they escape? Will they be the same as they were before? How will the Pack reac...
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Transformers Prime: Way of the Flame(REWRITE) by JC3709
Transformers Prime: Way of the J C
Lena is a mutant. And of course, she's forced to keep it secret. Especially when her ability is one that people will either find beautiful. Or genocidal. I DON'T OWN TR...
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TomTord (instagram rp) by JayJayTheRainbow
TomTord (instagram rp)by Jay Peters
Tord starts off in the hospital, and when he gets home, things change.
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Hold Onto Hope (If you've got it). (Sherlock X Oc) by Alexthehopeful
Hold Onto Hope (If you've got it) Matilyn Veach
Alex M. Smith, A depressed, lonely, woman just trying to stick to the background and not bother anyone, but is quickly swept into a life of danger and adventure when she...
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My Charger by IChoseYouKamichu
My Chargerby I_choose_you_Kamichu
Warning: This is a KiriKami story WITH SMUT! And also has bad words! Kirishima and Kaminari have known each other for years. Because of that their bond is unstoppable...
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Extras by DancesWithTheDevil
Extrasby DancesWithTheDevil
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Power Rangers Mystic Force: From Evil To Good ✔ by TheWhiteRabbit24
Power Rangers Mystic Force: From Kʏ👑
COMPLETED & EDITED // Book One // Tanner thought he was just a normal teenager. Wanting to be a famous motocrosser is pretty normal, right? That's what Tanner thought...
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