Chapter 14

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"Why are all you purebloods always so dramatic?" Charlotte asked bitterly as Maria's body suddenly dropped and Shizuka was set on her feet by Ichiru. "Hey, Ichiru." She gave him a little wave and a smile as he walked past her to pick up Maria and take her to another room. He nodded to her as he left, Maria's tiny body in his arms.

"Give your blood to poor me. I'm being chased and need more strength," said Shizuka, walking past Charlotte, ignoring her as she made her way to Yuki. When the blonde took a step towards the pureblood, the woman stopped and turned to her, "You're not strong enough to take me on yet, Charlotte... I'm afraid this is going to hurt." She was suddenly grabbed by the neck and slammed against the wall by the pureblood. The woman's pink eyes showed how apologetic she was for doing this, but this was a dire situation and it was crucial she got what she needed and she wasn't going to let even the girl she felt was her daughter get in the way of that.

With a gasp of a pain as well as a groan, Charlotte slumped forward and clung to Shizuka as the woman shoved her hand through her abdomen, causing the blonde's blood to coat her hand as well as drip onto the floor. Pain was evident on Charlotte's face as she breathed heavily and all strength left her body. She glared at the woman, anger coursing through her now weak body and she dropped to her knees when Shizuka let her go. Yuki stared at the sixteen year old with wide eyes. The apologetic look in Shizuka's eyes was almost powerful enough for Charlotte to immediately forgive her... but, she quite like the dress she was wearing and now it was ruined.

"You bitch," Charlotte choked out, blood trickling from her mouth and she licked it off her lips as she clutched the slowly healing wound made to her stomach, feeling herself healing but it wasn't as fast as it would have been. "I liked this dress, God dammit." Healing was taking a lot of energy out of her and she could feel her mouth going dry and her eyes change colour as well as her fangs elongate. "Yuki, you fucking idiot!" She forced herself to her feet, clutching the wall breathlessly with a glare at the two sat on the couch. The brunette had an apologetic as well as concerned look in her eyes as Charlotte glared at her.

"I need her blood, Charlotte. You know just as well as I do that I'm being hunted... how many vampires have you killed from the council that had came after you just for knowing where I am?" Shizuka asked, a tiny sad smile on her lips. "As soon as I build up the strength that I need... I'll give you some of my blood." Charlotte hissed at her, a glare still on her face as she braced herself against the wall. "I'm sorry, my love, I really am."

There was a sudden painful ringing in Charlotte's ears, causing her head to pound and all her senses to be clouded over, the only thing she was aware of was the awful ringing and she gasped, dropping to her knees on the floor at the pain in her head, the feeling of it splitting in half. She wasn't aware of anything else, just the aching in her head, the ringing in her ears and the tickling feeling of blood running down the sides of her face from her ears.

She did the first thing that came to mind, forced her nails to grow and she dug them into her arms to distract herself from the ringing as well as the pain in her head and slowly healing abdomen. She took in deep breaths, calming her painful breathing as she forced herself to calm down, forced the pain to go away and she pried her eyes open when the ringing subsided, glaring at Shizuka who was leaning into Zero's neck whilst he held Yuki in place.

"You came back fast..." Shizuka commented with a smirk before turning her attention back to Zero. There was a brief few seconds of silence and the sound of the pureblood burying her fangs into Zero's neck was heard clearly and Yuki gasped as well as Charlotte, but for two completely different reasons. Charlotte was hit so hard with hunger she began to feel faint, extremely weak while Yuki was just shocked and angry that Shizuka would do such a thing.

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