Chapter 13

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Charlotte was aware of the shocked whispers, she was aware of the light flooding into her room from the corridor and she was aware that she was laying on someone and she was most certainly aware of who she was laying on. But none of that mattered to her at this moment because this was the most comfortable she had been in ages and didn't want to give it up for nosy vampires who didn't know a thing about privacy. She buried her face further into his chest with an exasperated sigh when she heard her door creak open wider, "Go away." Much to her surprise, they closed the door, leaving her and Kaname alone but she could still hear their muffled whispers of confusion and astonishment as well as Hanabusa's irritated snapping at everyone to get away from her door to leave her and the pureblood alone.

"You've got a lot more authority over them than you think," came Kaname's soft sleepy voice. He was tracing shapes into her back, his eyes still closed and his breathing still calm and slow, it clear that he was still half asleep. "You're becoming more pureblood like by the day... I wonder if you have the ability to turn humans..."

She sighed, moving her hand lazily and draping it over his face, her hand only big enough to cover his nose, the tips of her fingers coming just below his closed eyes, "Shut up. I'm trying to go back to sleep." His chest shook suddenly with a quiet chuckle before he mumbled a soft 'sorry' and he held her tighter to his chest, sending her back into a sleepy state of relaxation, causing the haziness to take over her mind once again and she was quickly consumed back into sleep.

Prying her eyes back open with a growl, she glared at Kaname who had been tapping her side for a couple of minutes and she was trying her best to ignore it but in the end it got annoying and she was getting angry, "What do you want?" It had only felt like she had just fallen asleep but she knew it had probably been hours. He was looking at her with amusement in his brown eyes and she sat up, making sturgeon face at him. "Was there a reason why you woke me up?"

He chuckled and sat up as well, "The ball is in a couple of hours... I suggest you get ready." Was all he said before he got off her bed and made her way to the door. She stared off at him as he exited her room in silence and closing the door behind him before she hoisted herself up off the bed and walked to her closet. She stopped with her hand halfway to the door, a frown on her face and she sighed with a shake of her head.

Running her hand through her hair, she opened up her door, ignored the looks she got as she exited her room to turn and knock on Kaname's door. She waited patiently until he answered, opening the door with no shirt on. She rose an eyebrow at him, "... Can I shower in your bathroom? Mine's still not finished and I don't want to use the one in the corridor..." He nodded, walking away but leaving his door open. Running back to her room and grabbing a towel, things she'd need to wash her hair and body with as well as a change of clothes.

She had only been at the academy for three weeks and her bathroom still wasn't finished. It had been under construction even before she had gotten there and she wanted it to finish already so she wouldn't have to leave her room to shower. She had been informed that it was nearly finished but it wasn't finished enough for her to go inside yet and she was just waiting as patiently as she could for it to be finished.

Grabbing the things she needed, she went back into his room, closing the door behind her and walking in the direction where Kaname had pointed it had been. She was thankful there was a door to separate the room from the bathroom and she closed it behind her after turning on the light. She set her things down on the counter before locking the door and stripping out of her clothes and setting the shower. She waited patiently for the water to warm up.

Stepping underneath the spray of the water she sighed quietly when the hot water began to relax her oddly tensed muscles. She closed her eyes and she tilted her head back and into the water, running her hands through her long platinum blonde hair. Satisfied that her thick hair was now completely soaked, she slowly massaged shampoo into her hair as she stared blankly at the wall. The dark grey marble in the shower was clean enough to show her distorted reflection and she looked away, not wanting to be reminded at this time that she looked completely different than she used to. She wasn't exactly happy that she had changed physically just to become pure.

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