Chapter 64

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"Will you stop that?!" Hanabusa growled and smacked away the popcorn kernel that Charlotte had thrown at him. He glared at her for a couple of seconds before returning his eyes back to the paper he was reading. "I'm busy."

"The research is solid, Hana. I think it's time you took a break and had a nap or something," Charlotte said, getting up from her seat on the couch in Kaien's house and walking into the kitchen where Hanabusa was sitting at the table. She pulled out the chair beside him, making sure that the legs scraped obnoxiously against the tiled floor to make a God awful screeching sound that caused her brother to wince.

"No, I don't think it is..." he muttered with his eyebrows furrowed together. "The Rh levels in some of the tablets don't seem right..." He leafed through some of the papers before Charlotte took them from him. "Hey!"

"You're thinking too much into this." She kept the papers out of his reach and didn't even bother to glance at them. "The majority of the blood that is in these tablets and what is synthesised in them is mine and Yuki's blood. She and I have given a lot of our blood to produce these tablets to counteract the ones that Sara put out that are still causing problems today. There is far more vampire blood in these tablets than there is human. We vampires don't have blood types, and to put it simply, vampires are, for the most part, Rh negative. So, of course, the fucking Rh levels are going to be wonky."

He looked at her in silence for a few seconds. He saw that her hand was flat on the papers, but she didn't look like she cared much about them. He did. It had all of the chemicals of the blood tablets written down on them. It had statistics and chemical breakdowns and insights to how these tablets were different than the ones in the past. It showed that the ones that had Yuki and Charlotte's blood inside were the ones that vampires benefitted from the most, perhaps even more than they would with fresh human blood.


Charlotte's voice was firm, "'But' nothing. I have looked over these results and gone over the research a dozen times before it even reached you. The strange Rh levels are explainable; the plasma, both human and vampire, is flawlessly infused. The haemoglobin is perfect; the results are wonderful."

Reluctantly, Hanabusa tore his eyes away from her and clicked his tongue with annoyance, "If you had given me a little more time with those papers, you wouldn't have had to waste your time to reassure me. I'll take your word for it since you seem to always be right."

She rolled her eyes, "Don't be bitter, Brother. I only told you because it looked like it was stressing you out, and now is not the time for you to be stressed out. Everything seems to be fine. I have already given the order to keep doing trials and observations, so the moment that anything becomes adverse, the production of the tablets will be halted and we'll go back to the drawing board."

Hanabusa found it strange how she was always able to calm him. He found it strange that he felt an odd sense of relief coming to him as he listened to her words. Her tone was casual, nonchalant, and she really did seem like she didn't put much thought into this crisis with the blood tablets. However, he knew that she was just as diligent in researching newer and better tablets now just as much as he was.

With a heavy sigh, he said, "Fine. Fine. I'll stop fussing over the research since you seem to have everything under control, I guess. When did you even have to time to go and do that? You've been with Takuma twenty-four seven for the last week, I only saw you without him once." He looked at her for a few seconds before he looked around, "And where is Takuma?"

She shrugged, "He went to go and clear some stuff up on the business end of things–just cleaning up the mess that Sara made. I even wrote him a letter explaining the situation and circumstances, as well as wiring some money to him to give to them."

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