Chapter 50

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"What's the matter, Young Hunter-san?" Sara asked, approaching Zero from behind. The woman was not allowed off the Moon Dorm grounds without Yuki's consent since the girl had decided to take responsibility of her. Due to Charlotte's own judgement, Kaien didn't trust Sara either, deeming that Charlotte had the best intuition of all of them and he entrusted Yuki with keeping an eye on the older pureblood.

Sara giggled with a soft smile as she approached Zero who had turned around, "If you don't mind, I'll give you my blood. I have an interest in a being like you." Her blue eyes darkened with the sign of a bad intent and Zero narrowed his eyes.

He found that he could not move, though, and it wasn't panic that caused his violet eyes to flash a dangerous red─it was anger and irritation. While he hated all purebloods, Sara Shirabuki was the next one down the list from Kaname Kuran that he hated with a passion. He knew that it would be best to follow Charlotte's judgement as well, and if Charlotte didn't like Sara, then he shouldn't like or trust her either.

At the thought of Charlotte, he was able to feel a sudden life force inside of him, one that he was quite familiar with. Focusing on the familiar feeling of someone else inside of him, he was able to regain control of his body and he took a menacing step towards Sara with angry eyes, his fists clenching and Bloody Rose becoming almost heavy inside the breast pocket of his trench coat. He didn't care if it was not ordered, he'd shoot to kill her without a second thought if she tried anything with him, but he secretly hoped she wouldn't because he wanted to see what Charlotte had in mind for the pureblood.

"Pl-please stop. Please, don't make fun of Zero-kun, the next president of the Association. Don't bring trouble to the academy," Maria Kurenai spoke up shakily. It was rare for her to speak against someone, but it seemed that she had a new found courage. Zero didn't know her that well, but he knew that she had been a rather fragile girl despite being a vampire.

Sara tilted her head to the side, abhorrence striking through her, "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"Maria," the grey haired girl answered, her voice strong now and no longer shaky. "Please, leave Zero-kun alone, Sara-sama." Maria walked around, coming to stand between Sara and Zero, she facing the pureblood and staring directly into her eyes, almost as if challenging her. Both of their eyes flashed red, Sara's brighter than Maria's, but the Level B vampire did not back down.

"Knock if off, the both of you," Zero said after a few seconds, breaking the thick tension. Both of them looked up at him, Maria turning entirely to look up at the man that she adored. She had missed out on her chance with Ichiru, but there was always Zero and she was not going to miss her chance again. "Get back to the dorms, Vampires."

He didn't stick around to see if they listened to him, for he turned on his heels and began to walk to the Sun Dorms, leaving the two female vampires by themselves. He muttered very quietly to himself, "You better fucking fix this, Charlotte."


Charlotte blinked a couple of times to rid the blurriness of sleep from her eyes. She was fully aware of someone running their fingers gently through her hair, but she was much more aware of the mouth-watering scent completely filling her senses. Her gums itched, her fangs wanting to drop down. Her throat was burning horribly and all she could think about was sinking her fangs into this person's flesh and taking every last drop of blood from them.

"You're awake?" Takuma asked softly, removing his hand from Charlotte's hair as she moved to climb on top of him, straddling his waist and placing both of her hands on his chest. Her head was bowed so he couldn't see her face, her hair coming to block his view. "Oh, you want blood."

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