Chapter 18

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Kaname stared down at the unconscious Charlotte with a scowl on his face. Her shirt was bloodied, her skin was awfully pale and the wound made to her abdomen was in its final stages of healing, all that was left was for the skin to mend itself and create more layers. She was breathing shallowly and her fingers slightly twitched at the sound of his breathing.

A gruff groan left her slightly parted lips and she forced her eyes open. She blinked a couple of times as her vision had been blurry and she tried to sit up but was gently pushed back down and she looked up with a slight glare at the pureblood, "Why." It was clear she was annoyed and he smiled slightly at the fire in her dark blue eyes.

"Don't waste your energy trying to sit up," the amusement was clear in his voice and she rolled her eyes at him. A couple seconds of silence fell between and everything got serious again, Kaname's face falling into a frown, "Shane's just an ex-human, why would you risk your life jumping in front of him like that?" The pureblood was genuinely curious, tilting his head to the side as the blonde girl shrugged with a heavy sigh, weakly lifting her hand to run her fingers through her long, thick hair.

"I knew it wouldn't kill me, even if it did pierce my heart," she said, forcing herself into a sitting position and swatting his hands away he tried to keep her from doing so. "Ugh, can I go to my room? I hate the infirmary, it smells like sick and it's gross." She threw her legs over the side of the bed and covered her wince of pain the best she could and used Kaname as a support to stand. "Whisk me away, oh great and powerful pureblood prince."

He chuckled and swung her into his arms just as the door opened to a near similar image reflecting theirs except it was Zero behind the door with an unconscious Day Class girl in his arms, her head lolled to the side with two puncture wounds that were bruising and her skin looked awfully pale. Charlotte stirred in Kaname's grasp, her moving forcing him to put her on her feet or face her wrath when he would ultimately dropped her because she was wriggling too much in his arms.

The blonde girl stammered over to Zero, who stared at her wide eyed, and grabbed the girl's face, bringing it towards herself and she frowned, "Hm... seems like we've got a problem." Zero's mouth fell open as she hobbled back to Kaname who swept her off of her feet as soon as her small hands came in contact with her shoulder and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "We'll investigate this further... but I need blood and this is not the time nor the place to get it. Let's go! Onward, Kaname."

Nothing else was said, Zero stepped out of Kaname's way as he walked through the door and the silver haired boy's eyes were fixed on the blonde girl in the pureblood's arms as they past by. She hummed happily in his arms and leant her head weakly on his chest as he walked her back to the Moon Dorm, cleverly avoiding the Day Class girls as they made their way across the grass and to the gates.

"Your lack of respect is truly astonishing," said Kaname as they walked through the gates, hearing them creak and click shut behind them and Charlotte shrugged in his arms. She yawned and looked up at him with empty blue eyes, the dark colour of them clouding over slightly as she seemed to have lost focus on him. "Charlotte?"

She flinched slightly at the call of her name and she blinked twice, the dark colour returning to normal and she sighed, moving her hands from around his neck to rub at his temples, "So... we have another problem... something entirely different than the Day Class girl. It seems your opponent is beginning to stir. This should be fun for the days to come." And with that, all strength seemed to leave her body and her eyes fluttered closed as she suddenly became dead weight in his arms and he looked down at her with his mouth slightly dropped and his eyes wide.


A groan left her lips, one more of annoyance than pain. Light of the setting sun was shining through the gap of her two black-out curtains that were nearly drawn together. She pried open her eyes, squinting at the harsh sunlight peeking through her curtains and she forced herself into a sitting position, a dull ache in her abdomen making itself known and a slightly pounding head causing her vision to blur slightly.

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