Chapter 40

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Charlotte opened the door to the Kuran family crypt, fully aware that Yuki and Kaname were in there. She could hear Alondra humming softly in the corners of her mind as she quietly walked inside, the pair that was sat on Kaname's coffin turning to look at her when she muttered a soft 'shut up' to Alondra. Charlotte's face was emotionless, her dark blue eyes now as red as blood as she approached Alondra's coffin.

She didn't look at Yuki or Kaname as she ran the tips of her fingers over the white marble that encased Alondra's coffin, "I'm going to have to ask you two to leave." Her voice was dull, no emotion in it. Without any hesitation, Kaname grabbed Yuki's hand and led her away and out of the crypt, understanding what Charlotte was going to do and didn't want to risk Yuki's safety. He didn't want Charlotte to get hurt, but he knew she couldn't die from what she was about to do.

"You'll die when you wake her up, you know. She'll suck every last bit of blood out of your tiny body. Your blood won't be enough for her." Rido snickered as he flitted around her, a smirk on his face at the thought of getting to watch the little created pureblood die. But he was completely unaware of several factors, as he didn't know much about created purebloods, as there weren't any in his time. He hadn't even known they existed until Ichio had told him when Charlotte was created.

She pushed him away with a gust of him, causing the bats that had formed into him to disperse and fly wildly around the room towards the high ceiling. She ignored them all, a sigh coming from her mouth in preparation as she pushed off the marble lid, running over to the other side to catch it and carefully placing it on the ground so it wouldn't break. She didn't know if she was truly ready to do this, or if she even wanted to. But, perhaps if she did, Alondra would be useful to her.

She made a face as she looked down at the desiccated body of Alondra Shirabuki who had been asleep for over ten thousand years. The woman's eyes were closed and sunken, as all her facial features were. Over the past ten thousand years, the woman's skin had turned grey and dry, it having looked like old leather, and the skin on her cheeks had lacked so much moisture that some of it had rotted away, revealing the sides of her teeth. Her body looked frail, withered and dried─damaged beyond repair. It didn't even look as if Alondra was breathing, and she probably wasn't. Her features looked truly horror-ish and animalistic with her elongated nails looking like claws and her teeth all sharpened to a point.

When an ancestor was being awakened, sacrifices had to be made, but when you were someone as powerful as Charlotte, no one had to be sacrificed. She had taken preparations for this, yes, like drinking a lot of blood before the planned awakening. She drank from Kaname, Shane and Hanabusa, even when she felt full. She knew she couldn't die from the amount of blood Alondra was going to take from her to repair the desiccation of her body from the last ten thousand years, and she knew it was going to be extremely painful. And even though she wasn't mentally ready, she pulled out the dagger from its sheath she had in her back pocket and held her hand over Alondra's mouth, the point of the dagger pointing down as she grabbed the blade, squeezing her hand around it and held on tightly as the sharp edges kept the wound it made open and she began to bleed into the woman's mouth.

As soon as the girl's blood touched Alondra's dried, thin lips, there was a quiet squeaking of bones as the woman twitched slightly inside the coffin, her dried tongue moving around in her mouth. The more blood that dropped down into Alondra's mouth, the more responsive she was, Charlotte's powerful blood beginning to awaken the ancestor. The girl's sweet blood having a quicker effect on the woman than any other blood would, a bit of colour returning to her dried skin and more of it growing back to cover her cheeks.

Charlotte was taken by surprise when Alondra suddenly stood up inside the coffin, causing Charlotte to drop the dagger and take several steps back as the woman towered over her, even when she stepped out of the coffin, as it was clear the woman was from European descent with how tall she was. There wasn't fear in Charlotte's dark blue eyes as she looked into Alondra's old dull blue ones, but uncertainty and hints of annoyance with how slow Alondra was being. Charlotte wasn't afraid at all, but she wanted it to be over quickly.

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