Chapter 30

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Charlotte walked up to the front of the Sun Dorm, with a swipe of her hand the Level C vampires were all turned to dust as she had taken their lives with ease, causing the Level B vampires to look around in confusion and relief that they got a little bit of rest before the next wave came. She approached the group of six aristocrats, all of them turning to her when they noticed her presence and they all bowed, muttering out 'Charlotte-sama'.

"Alright," she said, pointing to two vampires, "you two, go watch the south side of the building, kill any hostile vampires trying to enter. You, go to the east, it's smaller and not as many windows so barely anyone should being trying to enter through them, kill any hostile vampires. And you, go to the west, the same thing I told them. Now go." She turned to Akatsuki and Ruka who were left when the other four went to the places she had told them to. "Alright, you two, you stay here with me, they're coming again." They both nodded and gave a bow again, turning their attention to the gate ahead of them as more Level C's began to approach, their eyes glowing brightly despite the light of the day.

Both Ruka and Akatsuki risked a glance at the girl, a dumbfounded look in their eyes and the shared the look to each other, both agree that as of now, the girl was unrecognisable. They had never guessed that Charlotte would take charge, she was a pureblood and barely ever listened to orders and they had assumed she'd wait for Kaname to make the commands, they had never even thought that Charlotte would care enough to come and show that she truly was a pureblood.

They watched as the girl made a slight gesture, a look of determination laced with annoyance on her face as the gesture she had made had opened the gate, allowing the vampires better access inside for she had wanted to get all of this over with, kill all of Rido's servants before they could cause any true damage and she wanted it to end quickly. All three of them walked inside the gates leisurely, the air filled sinister and arrogant as they sauntered up the footpath with wild eyes, nails elongated and fangs bared.

"Can't you just kill them all right now? You did it earlier. How are you able to kill that many on such a massive scale?" Akatsuki asked, taking up a defensive stance as they all suddenly started running at them and he thrust his hand out, fire shooting out from his fingertips for a couple of seconds before engulfing many of the malicious servants.

Charlotte covered a few with ice whilst Ruka used her ability to create illusions and cause a couple to kill each other. Charlotte ran forward and struck the vampires she had engulfed in ice with her foot, the vampires shattering and turning to dust as the ice broke apart, leaving just chunks of ice, "It takes a bit of energy ON a massive scale to kill them, I need to save a bit of energy as well, as I will be needed elsewhere in about twenty minutes. We all will." A grim look came over her face and she flinched slightly as she was taken off guard and struck across the face with one of the servant's long nails due to her split second distraction of thinking about where they were to go.

The wound on her face healed up and she pulled the vampire to her and bit into their neck, seeing the opportunity to take blood to gain more strength and energy, she didn't quite need it yet but took what she felt she would need in the future. She had only taken a couple of drinks and she pulled away, making a face at the rancid taste of the servant and she shoved her hand in their chest, ripping out their heart and dropping it as soon as their body turned to ash, their heart as well a couple of seconds later.

"Lady Charlotte! Where is your head?!" Ruka snapped at the girl as one of the vampires were able to tackle her to the floor. She cursed loudly as she struck her elongated nails through their throat, their blood coating her hand even more than the other vampire she had come in physical contact with. She hopped to her feet and took the scarf from one vampire that rushed at her and Akatsuki watched in awe as Charlotte took her time cleaning the blood off her hand and the vampire watched in confusion on why someone would stop in the middle of a 'life or death' fight to clean off their hand.

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