Chapter 17

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The blond man with the hard ice blue eyes stared at Charlotte with an expressionless face and was sat behind the large desk, his hands clasped together on top of it and a look of annoyance in his eyes. He watched her every move as she came and sat in the chair across from him with a grin on her face but an unreadable emotion in her dark blue eyes. She swung her leg over her other as she leant back in the black cushioned chair with a now expectant expression. He tilted his head to the side and stayed silent as she stared back at him, her smile falling from her face and her own eyes hardening.

"What is it that you exactly want? I assume this isn't about Lady Shizuka anymore because... you know... she's dead and all." The insensitivity was clear in her voice as well as a dullness. She rolled her eyes when he just continued to stare at her, "Are you just going to stare at me the whole time? I'll get up and leave if you are, I don't give a fuck about your status or your power."

The man sighed exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of his nose with annoyance striking through him. "Ichio, if it's something important, just, please, spit it out." He hadn't expected her use of the word 'please' and wasn't quite sure she had quite understood the meaning of it but oddly felt appreciated that she had used the word. He looked back up at her to see an impatient look cross over her face as he remained silent. "I will get up and leave if you don't spit it out."

He leant forward, staring at her with his hard ice blue eyes, his tone showing his irritation and his fangs slightly protruding, "We are aware or your absurdly odd status change... you're now a Level A, Ms Aido─a pureblood. There isn't a doubt that you are a pureblood, you emit the same powerful feel they do, the same feeling of immortality as well as the overwhelming need to bow and show our undying respect." He straightened out his posture and looked down at her with a bored expression, "Because your sudden... change... and the murder of Lady Shizuka, there isn't a reason why you should be on our execution list anymore, and also because you've proven that we don't have the strength to do so, as you've killed all of our... travelling executioners. You are a pureblood now and the knowledge of the status change has been heard by all vampires around the world and there'd be an uprising if we executed you. So... you get to live."

She stayed silent, pursing her lips with her eyes narrowed as she processed the words he had just said. She leant forward, laying her arms across her thighs, "So, I'm only allowed to live because your petty little government would be overthrown had you decided to do otherwise?" He narrowed his eyes at this, a fierce look falling into his ice blue eyes and he bit his tongue to keep from saying what was on the tip of her tongue. The girl shrugged, leaning back in her chair, "Okay. Are we done here? I'd like to get this over with already." She stood up when he nodded, "Shall I open the door for Kaname and your grandson to come in now?" He gave a small, curt nod and the girl walked to few steps to the door and opened it, poking her head out and beckoning Kaname, Takuma and Akatsuki over.

The trio stood and walked towards her, Kaname in the front, Takuma in the middle and Akatsuki in the back. She moved out of their way as they entered and she motioned for Kaname to sit in the seat she had been sat in before. When he was sat down, she leant against the back of the chair, resting her front on it and she put her arms over the top and resting her chin on them whilst Takuma was stood to her left and Akatsuki to her right.

There was silence as Ichio just stared at them all and Charlotte rolled her eyes before he began, "This 'resistance' that you took up, Kaname, we'll overlook it. Let's put a hold on Zero Kiryu's execution as long as you remain at Cross Academy. However, even though you know the truth, you still protect him. Your tolerant and fair actions are almost-"

Kaname cut him off, a serious look taking over his features as he spoke, "I deserve to be head of the Kuran household which has founded today's pacifism. I have been wanting to ask the Senate for a while now... from now on, please don't interfere with the affairs within Cross Academy." It wasn't a suggestion or a request, the pureblood left no room for protest of advision for what he basically demanded. Ichio forced an emotionless expression to mask his face and Charlotte narrowed her eyes as she saw right through it, seeing the burning anger in his eyes that was expertly concealed but she had seen through it no problem. "I am the same as my parents and I don't want bloodshed either, Ichio."

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