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Innocence by disobediencefan
Innocenceby disobediencelove
A prequel to Disobedience, Disobey and Defiance. A love story of Ronit & Esti (Disobedience Movie) It is a must watch movie!! You'll love it for sure.
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Rare (Vampire Knight) by Nightlyxx
Rare (Vampire Knight)by Nightlyxx
"You're stronger now, stronger than an aristocrat should be. You're a rarity, Charlotte." - Had Charlotte Aido been born into a different family, her life prob...
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It feels so good being bad. (l.s. BDSM.) by namelesskate
It feels so good being bad. (l.s...by namelesskate
The one where Harry is being very disrespectful so daddy has to put him in his place.
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The Temptress by LunettasEclipse333
The Temptressby *Melody*
"I wouldn't do that love" "And just why not?" I said enraged as I howled and screamed pleads of help into the stale air of the dungeon from t...
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Strange Attraction (Raw) by thereallarvae
Strange Attraction (Raw)by Downers
Olivia Adams; a talented architect who never misses work, but always finds a way to make it thrilling, a needy woman without being so wanting, living her life like she's...
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Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM) by Marxmxa
Mr. Maddox (PlusSize/BWWM)by Marxmxa
. . . . . While every other room was filled with your typical everyday school supplies, his was more of a play room than anything else. Like some kind of sex dungeon for...
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Instagram (gxg) by oceans8isgay
Instagram (gxg)by im that person
there might be texts on some. but mostly will be rachel weisz's Instagram. ( gxg. don't like, don't read)
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🚫DISCONTINUED Make Her MINE DISCO...by Jimin Finding Jams
I saw the same guy from before standing right outside staring at me. So I decided to say something, hey are you lost,do you need any help?He just stared at me and growle...
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Needing Her by Danielle1xoxo
Needing Herby Danielle Mc
Is there really such thing as a happily ever after? Is true loves kiss merely just a figment of our imagination imprinted there by the fairytales we watched as a child...
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Eugenics/Eugenetics/Cloning Cult - story ideas by Wittig
Eugenics/Eugenetics/Cloning Cult...by Alex von Wittig
Eugenics/Eugenetics/Cloning Cult - story ideas (from longish dream i had) more is pending...
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What A Life by Nopunupa
What A Lifeby Nopunupa
Arashi was just bought from a secret auction house where lots of nekos are sold as either slaves or pets to people who have the money for it. She is a very will free cat...
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I do What I like, Mr. Alpha by TheAphaFemale
I do What I like, Mr. Alphaby TheAphaFemale
You ain't ever read a book like this. Confident badass Rouge + Mr. Bad Alpha Werewolf = disaster. Obviously. The recipe for trouble told with the sarcastic humour of a...
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The Betrayal By Sarah Fidel by SarahFidel
The Betrayal By Sarah Fidelby Sarah Fidel
Broken home, wrong decisions. What will happen.
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Rebellion- Book 4 of The Angelic Wars by Amaranthine-angel
Rebellion- Book 4 of The Angelic W...by Ally
With Lucifer's offer weighing on Merav's mind, she finds herself unable to stay loyal to heaven. Seraphim don't fall, it's practically unheard of. Michael's threat weigh...
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Disobedience~ Camren  by _ship_gayverlys_
Disobedience~ Camren by _ship_gayverlys_
New York photographer Lauren Jauregui flies to Miami after discovering about the death of her parents. Returning to her homophobic, religious family that shunned her for...
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The rebellious nerd secrets by nayelixox
The rebellious nerd secretsby Lourdes itacy
ONE WISH ONE DEAL, And ONE MISTAKE changed Nerlinda's life for better and for worse. Who knew how much of a backstabber life could've be ? ... Probably everyone, but N...
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Disobedience Extras by StylisticMoods
Disobedience Extrasby Flora
A collection of poems and (possibly) scenes inspired by the first book of the Rebellion Trilogy: Disobedience. SPOILER ALERT: Some poems will progress and give away hin...
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To Disobey A Kingdom by Luna_Lover14
To Disobey A Kingdomby Evie
To be engaged to a Goddess, to be adored by a Ghost, and to love an outcast. Zane is the new heir to Ru'an. A region of Humans, Fairies, Witches, Elves and Lupine, o...
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Join The SubMissive Side by Kazaren0801
Join The SubMissive Sideby Kazaren0801
This book is about a girl name Lizzie who comes to interview Ms.Grey the boss of Grey Enterprises but as she interviews Ms. Grey she will get to know things no one has e...
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Always Alone (On Hold/Writers Block/Slow Uploads) by MysteryWriter96
Always Alone (On Hold/Writers Bloc...by (It's a) Mystery
She's so alone. Always alone. She can't find anyone that's would take her, after what's happened to her. Her parents abandoned her, her so called "boyfriend" a...
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