Chapter 59

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Alondra sat at the pyre with tears rolling down her cheeks. There was nothing left. None of the glass pieces had survived long enough to see it with her own eyes, but she had most definitely felt it. She had had enough of her blood in her to feel the woman's death. She felt the coldness roll through her veins and the only explainable thing that ran through her head was the sudden knowledge that she had died.

'The Hooded Woman', they called her. Everyone called her that, even Kaname. He and Alondra knew her name, but they never spoke it. The Hooded Woman was who she was and who she always will be. But there was nothing left of her and the only ones to remember her were Kaname and herself, Alondra realised. They were the only two who knew her name, and they were the last two who were ever going to speak her name because her real name died along with her. For as long as she will be remembered by others, she will always be known as The Hooded Woman.

"My love..." Jun muttered, running his long thin fingers through Alondra's thick blonde hair. He felt the aching in his chest of his wife's anguish. "We must leave. The others are coming." There was a sense of urgency in his voice as he gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "You cannot fight in your condition. Please, Alondra, we must leave!"

"She was supposed to know her," Alondra whispered brokenly. She ran her hands along the glossy finish of the pyre. The Hooded Woman had been laid to rest here, she knew it. She felt it. She felt that energy, the residue of her ashes that had disappeared in a matter of seconds. "Our child... she was supposed to know her. She promised me!"

"I know. I know, my love," Jun soothed as he pulled Alondra to her feet. He struggled to get her to move any further away from the stone slab that the Hooded Woman had been laid on to die. "We must leave, Alondra! The others are coming and they wish to extinguish the little life that you are holding! We must protect her! It is what she would have wanted, what you want! Do you not care for our daughter who has yet to be born?"

"Of course I do!" Alondra growled, pushing him away. Her eyes flashed red and her fangs elongated. "I will slaughter anyone who tries to harm this little life!" She protectively came to hold her stomach that was protruding past her body, she being ready to give birth any day. For two years she, Jun, Kaname and The Hooded Woman worked to protect the child growing inside of her. "She is precisely the reason why our child and myself have survived this long, and she is the one person our child must meet!"

"But she can't now!" Jun tried to reason. "She worked so hard to protect you and our daughter, and you staying here for the others to catch up will have just wasted her time! If they catch up to us, they'll kill you and our child! Protecting you until this point will have been for nothing!" He reached out and placed his hands on her shoulders again, pulling her away from the pyre gently. Tentatively, he placed his palm on the top of her stomach, feeling a tiny kick from the little girl inside, ready any day now to come into the world. "Alondra, please. Kaname is waiting for us. We must leave. We will find a way for our child to meet her, Alondra. She will come again and our children will meet her. I am sure of it. But now is not the time. We have to give our baby a chance first."

Tirelessly Kaname, Jun and The Hooded Woman had worked to keep Alondra and her unborn child safe. Hers and Jun's. The first purebloods to bear a child. Many of the servants bore their own children amongst themselves, but purebloods had an unspoken rule of not to procreate. Jun and Alondra had broken that rule. Those in favour of the rule had been hunting the pair down for two years to make an example of Alondra and the child.

Protecting Alondra and the humans from the purebloods with ill intent had been what was on the four of their minds for a very long time and it was becoming exhausting. The Hooded Woman was out of ideas and her latest one had been a last resort. It had been on her mind for years, but Alondra talked her out of it each and every time, fearing the uncertain repercussions of it. She feared that the amount of blood it would take for the race to be made would kill the woman, and it had.

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