Chapter 12

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"Charlotte!" Takuma whined, dragging the girl along towards Maria who was flitting around the courtyard, causing the Day Class students to turn towards them as the pair chased down the grey haired girl. "She's getting away!" They jogged after the pixie like girl who was giggling as she ran towards the café. "Maria! The Day Class is still there at this time!"

"I just want to see the canteen!" She called back, skipping towards the café and Charlotte sighed, wrenching herself from Takuma's chest and taking the lead in chasing after Maria. She had finally gotten close to grabbing the small girl's arm, but someone grabbed her own and pulled her back and stepping in front of her, blocking her view of Maria.

"Hey, you're that Night Class girl that Zero likes, right? He's always looking at you fondly, he even smiles sometimes! How did you do it?" A black haired girl asked, a giddy expression on her face. "You're so pretty! I can see why he likes you!" Charlotte tried to peer around her to see if she can still see Maria, but the girl was gone and she growled under her breath.

"Sorry, not right now, I'm a little busy," she tried to end the conversation that she didn't want to be in. The girl stood on her tippy toes to be in Charlotte's line of vision to gain her attention, as it was clear Charlotte wasn't paying attention to her. "Really, can you please get out of the way?"

The girl pouted, crossing her arms over her chest, "But we all have so many questions. How did you get Zero to be so nice to you?" Charlotte tensed, feeling herself being closed in and she turned around, seeing herself surrounding by girls with giddy and curious expressions. Some were glaring at her for her fortunate luck that Zero still liked her from when they were children and others were happy and curious about her relationship with him.

"Uh..." Charlotte pushed her way through the crowd, running the opposite way from where she had last seen Maria. She didn't know what to do, as this was the first time she's ever been chased by a hoard of suddenly angry looking girls and she was confused, especially since they had looked so happy just seconds ago.

Following the clear, distinct scent of Takuma, his vampire scent sticking out like a bright neon sign, his scent being completely different that humans'. Despite that his was mixed with an array of the humans' scent, she followed it anyway, risking running just a bit faster so she could lose the hoard of girls she was being chased by. When she got to where his scent was strongest, she looked behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed closely by the girls before jumping up and grabbing onto the balcony edge and pulling herself up, heaving herself over the railing and falling onto her back, her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Charlotte!" Came the surprised voices of both Yuki and Takuma and the blonde haired girl turned her head to see them both crouched down and out of the view of the girls. She crawled to her knees and looked over just in time to see the group of girls who were chasing her run right past the balcony. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh... hiding, was being chased by nosy fangirls wondering why Zero's so nice to me. Why are you two here?" She asked, turning back around to see the pair looking at her with shocked expressions. "Yeah, I know it's kind of weird for me to be chased by Day Class girls... Is that why you're up here, Takuma?" She tilted her head to the side and the blond boy smiled sheepishly as a reddish pink colour tinted his pale cheeks. She smirked at him and ruffled his hair, "Come on, she's most likely reached the canteen by now. Sorry to cut your guys' conversation short, but we've gotta go. Bye, Yuki!" Charlotte grabbed Takuma's hand, standing up with him and the pair jumped over the edge of the balcony, leaving Yuki alone.


Charlotte sputtered for air, bracing her back against the wall of the old dorms, glaring up at Maria as she giggled. She struggled to catch her breath, realising how out of shape she was at how tired she had gotten just chasing the small grey haired girl around the campus to get her back to the dorm. She had eventually chased the girl to her dorm, her and Takuma. The boy was leaning in the doorway, trying to do the same as Charlotte and catch his breath, the sun taking a toll on the both of them.

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