Chapter 29

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"Clairvoyancy is rare, even amongst purebloods. You really are a true rarity, Charlotte Aido," Kaname said as Charlotte entered in the master bedroom of the old Moon Dorm. He was sat at the edge of the bed looking down at Yuki who was tucked under the duvet and still unconscious. He was gently running his fingers through her brown hair and a sad tone to his voice, "You know just about everything about me, my past, my secrets and even the lies I have told, and yet you haven't spilt any of it, not muttered a word. How do you keep it to yourself? How do you not hate me? You just brush off my 'tantrums'─as you call them─when I almost try to kill you. How are you not angry at me for those things?"

She walked into the room, her arms crossed over her chest as she slowly approached the bed and sat in the chair by the bedside table and she shrugged as she plopped down into it, "You trusted me enough to allow me to see your memories and learn your secrets and your lies, why would I go and break that trust? We all have our secrets, Kaname, and no matter how bad or wrong they are, if someone tells you their secret, you don't go spilling them, it's not your place to do so. I consider you a friend, Kaname, a close one, even if you don't consider me a close friend, which I would understand, as we've only truly known each other for six months, but I wouldn't turn my back on a friend who is in need of someone. That's not how friendship works. You're there for them when they need you most, and even when they don't need you at all. You can try and kill me all you want in your bouts of loose anger, I don't care... mainly because you won't succeed... but I'm not going to turn my back on you because you're a flawed person. We're all flawed."

He turned his head to look at her, a small smile on his lips at her words, "Thank you, Charlotte." He fully turned towards her when he noticed her expression. Her face was blank, but her eyes showed that she was sad, a deeper sadness than she had ever felt. "What has caused you to lose your grip on your emotions? You're usually very stoic, but now..." He trailed off, looking at the girl's blank face as she looked at the lampshade and realisation hit him, "It's Takuma, isn't it? You care for him a lot more than you ever thought you would, don't you?"

She sighed, sitting up straighter in the chair and she pushed her fringe out of her face, "The day that I went to the villa to get my laptop charger, Shane had came along cos he couldn't sleep either, there were more pureblood hunters at the villa, trying to 'get a better feel of me', and they tried to attack us. Like last time, they had a vampire with him, one with a wind ability, and I drank from her because they had wounded me a bit too much with anti-vampire weapons, and even though I can heal when wounded by them, it takes a bit of energy and I was growing weak. In the end, I ended up drinking from her until she died because I was hungry and she pissed me off. After she turned to ash and I had gotten my fill, I still didn't feel satisfied. My body and strength and all of that physical stuff felt just fine, I felt energetic like I should be... but there was still hunger. There still is right now, stronger than before."

She almost looked helpless and afraid as she continued to look at the lampshade. Her voice and face were emotionless, but the one thing she couldn't clear was her eyes, they showed just how she felt, much to her dismay, and Kaname understood. He smiled softly and weakly at her, taking in her words and the look in her eyes, "A vampire's thirst and hunger is only ever truly satisfied by the one they love." 

They both turned to Yuki when a gasp came from her lips and she opened her eyes, her hand to her throat as she suddenly breathed heavily. Kaname ran his fingers through her hair, "Yuki, you don't have to hold back." She sat up, her arm that she used to pick herself up off the bed trembled under her weight, as she was weak. She muttered out his name, trying tell him something, but her voice was scratchy and it sounded painful for her to be talking and Kaname cut her off before she could continue, "It's okay, I know what you want to do." She stared childishly at him for a couple of seconds before climbing on top of his and pushing him down onto the bed. "I'm sorry, Yuki, I brought you back from this bloody curse."

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