Chapter 36

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The blonde girl knelt before a man; a familiar looking man sat on a throne with a bored expression, but an unreadable emotion in his eyes. He looked down at her the moment he noticed she was there, her pulling him out of his dazed state. He tilted his head to the side, rising from his seat and slowly and quietly walking down to her, the girl keeping her head bowed and stayed in the kneeling position. He walked around her, slowly and leisurely circling, reaching out his large hand and twirling bits of her long hair in his slim fingers.

"You're the girl that killed the last of the Hirai line? One of the strongest purebloods currently? You killed him?" The scepticism in his voice was thick and her heart skipped a beat, fear striking through her and she forced her breathing to stay even as she nodded timidly. He knelt down in front of her, reaching out and grabbing her chin with his thumb and pointer finger, lifting her face so she could look at him, "How? You're nothing but a weak little girl who got the unfortunate luck of being forced into a life of bloodlust and servitude. There's no way you could be strong enough to kill a pureblood."

She hesitated, a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks and her voice shook, "I... I didn't mean to. He... he wanted to feed from me until the last of my life was his, and I didn't want to die." She choked down a sob, reaching up and wiping away her tears with a shaky hand. "Lord Hirai drank my blood when I didn't want him to... it hurt, it hurt so much. And then... he started choking before he burst into thousands of glass shards that shone in the moonlight." Her eyes glazed over suddenly, a blank expression falling onto her face and she looked back up at him, reaching up her hand to softly and tentatively caress his pale cheek, "Lord Hirai's power is nothing compared to yours..."

"What is your name?" He asked, reaching up to gently grab her wrist, keeping her hand in place as her hand was gently cupping his cheek. There was something about her touch that calmed him. She tilted her head to the side and he furrowed his eyebrows, "I can't read your thoughts, nor control you. Who are you?" She slid her hand out of his grasp, removing her hand from his face and she brought to her chest, almost cradling it.

She shook her head, a small, sad smile on her face, "I am Alondra Shirabuki, nothing but a turned vampire... an ex-human. Lord Hirai said he thought about killing me for ages... since he turned me, but he said there was something strange about my blood... not only did his blood save me from falling into madness, he said my blood had taken in his, duplicating it..." She trailed off, looking at the floor, a couple of more tears rolling down her face. She looked back up at him, "He said that I was now more vampire than I was ever human. What does he mean?"

The man grabbed her hand that she cradled to her chest, his touch gentle and reddish-brown eyes calming as they flashed red and his fangs elongated, "May I?" He looked down at her now exposed wrist, asking for permission to bite and taste her blood, "I just want to see what he was talking about, I'll be able to taste your power if you have any... so, may I taste your blood?"

Alondra hesitated, uncertainty in her blue eyes before she nodded, looking away from him as he looked at her, getting ready to bite into her wrist. She whimpered quietly when she felt his fangs slice into her skin, the pain of it shooting up her arm and down her spine. She scrunched up her nose to keep from crying, she was always so sensitive to pain when it came to vampires biting her, had it been anything else to cause her harm, she wouldn't have been so uncomfortable or on the verge of tears.

A couple of seconds pass and he pulls away, kissing where he had bitten her before licking his lips clean of her blood. He looked into her eyes, grabbing her face before turning it from side to side, examining her. His eyebrows were furrowed, confusion in his eyes, "That is so strange..." his voice was gentle and there was a sudden look of excitement in his reddish-brown eyes. "You're turning into a pureblood..."

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