Chapter 32

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Charlotte was stood on the other side of the room, Yuki huddled in the far corner with her arms wrapped around herself. Charlotte didn't know what to do when she got like this, as Yuki didn't want to be touched, she didn't want anyone around her and it was heart-wrenching for Charlotte to see the once lively girl huddled in distress and confusion muttering to herself, her memories jumbling together. She didn't know whether to go and try and comfort the brunette despite having yelled at her to get away or respect that she didn't want to be touched.

"It's been six months since we've started living here... no... that's not right...?" Yuki muttered to herself, her voice small and broken, childish. She shook her head, jumping slightly when she realised that wasn't quite correct. She curled in on herself even more and Charlotte took a step forward, but she stopped when the girl screamed out, "Stay right there!" Yuki was breathing heavily, trying to make sense of the time they had both spent there, all of them. She clutched her head as if in pain, the intensity of her confusion causing her discomfort.

"Yuki," both Charlotte and Yuki jumped at the new voice, "is your past as a human giving you difficulties?" Charlotte hadn't heard Kaname enter, the first time such a thing had happened, and she turned to see the man stood in front of the doorway with discontent concern, "If it were anything else, I would, of course, wait for you for as long as it takes until you feel like doing it... but this is one thing that can't go on the way it is." He walked forward, past Charlotte, and towards Yuki, grabbing the girl's wrist and pulling her to her knees. Charlotte smelt the blood before she saw it and she narrowed her eyes at him when he pulled his bleeding wrist away from Yuki who tried to grab for it, "Yuki, you must use your fangs to get blood for yourself. You aren't a child anymore." Yuki slumped into his chest and shook her head and tried to reach for his hand.

"You tell her she isn't a child anymore, but you continue to treat her like one," Charlotte said, shaking her head as she watched the interaction. She frowned when Kaname gave in, giving Yuki his bleeding wrist and allowing her to take it to her mouth. "You even keep her locked down here."

"I do it for her safety. I try to protect you as well, but you insist on being disobedient. You're supposed to stay down here as well, but you don't. Must you test my patience?" Kaname replied as Yuki began drinking the blood that was spilling out of his wrist and he sighed, looking down at her, "I wonder why you go on refusing yourself, even when the animal side of you is this starved for my blood." He looked back at Charlotte. "Are you going to go to your lessons?"

Charlotte scoffed, "What lessons? I keep telling you, I don't need to be schooled, I've finished the same time Hanabusa did. Hello, I'm a genius." She rolled her eyes with annoyance, this having been about the fourth time she's told him that she no longer needed to be schooled and that there wasn't a real reason for to be have been attending the academy when she did, that it was just so she wasn't at the villa or any place else unsupervised. "And, about the disobedient thing, why do you think I was cast out of my home? You even acknowledged yourself months ago that I wasn't' the obedient type. You can't keep me caged, Kaname, and nor can you do it to her." With that, she left the room.

Walking down the corridor silently, she passed by a sleepy-looking Shane who was making his way towards the kitchen and she turned to him, "There's coffee, I made some earlier... you'll probably just have to reheat it." He rubbed sleepily at his eye and nodded, continuing past her. She pushed open the door to her room, walking inside and closing it behind her. She glared at the windowless room and sighed, walking towards her bed and plopping down on it.

Charlotte rolled over onto her back to look at the ceiling for a few seconds before closing her eyes, running her hand through her fringe. She pulled at it, examining the tips with narrowed eyes, making a mental note that she had to dye it again. Her hair was still long, but fringe cut appropriately. She had dyed her hair a dark pink months ago, having gotten bored with how blonde it was and took advantage of the light colour that would take perfectly to any colour she'd dye it to. And also because she had brought the topic up to Kaname and he said he'd rather have her stay blonde, so after hearing that she snuck out with Shane tailing behind her trying to get her to go back to the Kuran Mansion and she went out to get the dye.

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