Chapter 58

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"There exists vampires who are scarier than others; vampires who can make others obey them. They are rare and have pure lineage. Purebloods. Sara Shirabuki... I was caught by this pureblood," Takuma thought as he looked up into the dark blue eyes that Sara shared with Charlotte.

"I have always wanted you," Sara confessed. She reached up slowly, a clear attempt to be delicate, and she grabbed the sides of Takuma's face and pressed her lips against his stiff ones.

Takuma felt revulsion course through him. These lips weren't the ones that he wanted. These didn't give him comfort or a pleasant fluttering in his chest. These lips made him feel uncomfortable and awkward and gross.

These lips weren't Charlotte's.

But even as he felt this revulsion and abhorrence, he began to feel the unwanted flood of forced adoration and love. Though he fought against it, he felt it take over his body and he was forced into his subconscious where he could only sit back and watch as Sara had her control over him. He was completely conscious of everything, but he only had access through his subconscious that had very little control over anything. It was only when he was with Charlotte that he had the strength to take control of himself.

It was only with Charlotte where Sara's reach couldn't touch him. Charlotte gave him the strength to regain his own will and act on his own.

"I can only interpret that as a love confession. 'Ichijou-senpai, you really like Kaname, don't you?'" He was only able to conceal some of his thoughts from Sara, and those were the thoughts that were coated with the thought of Charlotte, and he used that as a block to have his thoughts as his own because Sara wasn't strong enough to fight against Charlotte, or Takuma's love for Charlotte was so deep it even resided in his subconscious.

Sara slammed Takuma against the wall when she met with that block in his mind, his block of his strong love for Charlotte that she could never truly penetrate. "You don't seem to understand yet, Takuma."

He smiled sheepishly, avoiding eye contact with her, "I can only interpret that as a confession of jealousy. You've obtained enough information about Kaname from me, haven't you?" He closed his eyes briefly, "A pureblood who shows intense tenacity once she's keen on something."

"I told you before. I've always wanted you. You who were beside Kaname-san, laughing without knowing what fear was... I want to be wiser than both Rido and Shizuka. Rather than something like the Senate's fake cajolery, I need to words of someone who is willing to rise against me."

"What should I do? I can only hear them as warped love expressions... and I can only focus on the love of Charlotte and her own love confession that Sara's has nothing in comparison." He relaxed slightly in Sara's grip and he said with a small sense of defeat and weariness, "Was there no one other than me?"

"No one."

"When I became old enough to understand what was going on. She who lost both of her parents... I am very satisfied with that answer. Amongst the purebloods who are feared by other vampires, two of them belong to me. One of them uses me and the other loves me entirely, and those feelings are reciprocated." He smiled slightly, harrumphing quietly and looking at the ground. The revulsion returned to him, but it wasn't for Sara, it was for himself.

Sara giggled, "You thought you were at my side on your own will to keep a close watch on me, didn't you? That wasn't the case. You're a moth and I'm a flame. That's how it's like. You're drawn to me the most because I physically remind you of Charlotte─the eyes and the hair... you only put up with me in the beginning because you missed her and I was the closest thing that you had to her because we look alike. You are with me because I'm a pureblood and you're the gullible aristocrat."

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