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-Jungkook's POV-

As I arrived at the parking lot, she was nowhere to be found. I told her to wait next to my car, but I guess it was my fault though. Because I was one hour late.

She wasn't responding to my call nor to my text. Perhaps, she hates me after I teased her in front of everyone in the cafe. Or maybe she's just not in the mood to reply?

Once I reached home, I decided to check on Taehee. She was sleeping in her room, I shouldn't disturb her. But still, I need to talk to her about an important matter. A very important one.

I slowly walked towards her and sat on the edge of the bed. It was dark, I couldn't clearly see her face.

"What do you want?"

Uh, she startled me. I thought she was sleeping. I took a closer look on her face and she did open her eyes a bit.

"I just wanna talk to you about something." I said. I could hear her sighing.

"Just let me sleep." She mumbled in a very weak voice.

I guess, she's too tired to even talk. I then laid myself next to her. I couldn't help but to feel excited to tell her this news. The only thing I hope for is that, she will like it.

I stared at her for a few seconds, taking a deep breath to build my courage up before confessing.

"I broke up with Areum..." I paused before continuing, "...for you."

Sad thing was, I don't think she even heard that. Her eyes were both shut and she wasn't responding. I giggled looking at how cute she is. I know that she is adorable since a long time ago but I'd never admit it.

I felt so dumb. How could I not realize that every weird feelings I felt about her was actually a little thing called love?

When I was still dating Areum, I always pushed this feeling to the side just because I feared that I might cheated on her, but then the opposite thing happened to me. She cheated on me.

But come think of it, even if Areum didn't cheat on me, I would still end our relationship today. I've make up my mind, the only woman I want to take care of is her, my wife.

I still remember clearly how I treated her like crap. I ignored her breakfast, calls and also, existence. But I don't know since when, that feeling to protect her suddenly grew in me little by little as if someone had casted a love spell on me.

But now, I'm not even sure if she felt the same . Because I noticed that she kinda pissed off whenever I tried to be super duper nice to her. I bet, I hurt her feelings a lot when she still loved me.

As my consciousness ebbed, my mind went into free fall, swirling with the beautiful chaos of a new dream.


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