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A few hours later, Jungkook came back to the hotel and bumped to you in the lobby. A guy with fair skin, small eyes and shorter than Jungkook was there beside you.

Both of you locked eyes with each other awkwardly. He was a bit upset seeing you walking with another guy, especially an unknown one.

"Where are you going?" He asked, looking down to your height in confusion.

"I'm out for dinner." You simply replied.

"Just the two of you? Why didn't you tell me anything?" He frowned. He then glared at the guy beside you but too bad he was glaring back, making Jungkook immediately broke the eye contact with him.

"I've sent you a message didn't I?" You looked at him in disbelief while crossing your arms over your chest

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"I've sent you a message didn't I?" You looked at him in disbelief while crossing your arms over your chest.

Jungkook blinked his eyes several times blankly before checking his phone. 1 miss call and 1 unread message. Both were from you.

Slowly, his eyes trailed back to yours. A small shy smile was formed on his lips as he realized his foolish mistake.

"Anyway, I wanna bring you to somewhere tonight." He softened, suddenly changed into a really sweet guy.

You turned to look at Yoongi, he looked kinda annoyed -or maybe it was just his normal expression. He gestured you to go and told you that he would inform the others about it.

"Who is he?" Jungkook asked. He kept on staring at Yoongi who slowly vanished from sight.

"Min Yoongi. He is Jimin's friend."

-Gwangali Beach-

After having dinner with Jungkook, he brought you to a nearest beach. There wasn't much people there, only one or two couples who stopped by to spend some time together, watching the beauty of the sea at night.

The night view at the beach was indeed beautiful. The bridge was lit up at night with amazing lights that dazzled in the reflections on the water.

"Where did you go?" You questioned him out of the blue.

He kept silent for a few seconds before answering you.

"I went to visit my parents."

"Why didn't you bring me along.."

"Well.. I've my own reason." He mumbled while rubbing the back of his neck.

Suddenly, it got a little bit windy. Jungkook was about to give you a jacket only to realize that he didn't bring one.

Since he didn't have a jacket with him, he put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him to make you warm.

"I love this place." Jungkook said.

"Why?" You curiously asked.

"Because... I..." he suddenly remembered why and started to regret for bringing you to that place.

He couldn't answer your question and suddenly his eyes watered. In an instant, he turned his head to the other way just so you couldn't see his face clearly.

"Jungkook...?" You chinned up to look at him.

"I used to play here..." he muttered and began to blink his eyes rapidly to push back the tears. He sticked with the saying that men don't cry.

"...with my parents." However, after saying the last line, he broke into tears.

He hated to cry especially in front of you as he feared that he might look dumb and weak. But at that moment, he just couldn't control his emotion anymore. His thoughts were filled with the numerous memories he made with his beloved parents when they were still alive.

For the first time, you saw tears in his eyes. It continued to flow on his cheeks, but you said nothing.

Slowly, you reached your hand out to him and softly wiped his tears wth your thumb.

Finally, he turned his head back to you. Tears rolled down his cheeks like a river, making you teared up just by looking at him.

"Why are you crying too?" He tried to let out a laugh but a weird gasp came out instead.

"I miss Taejoong-oppa..." you mumbled while wiping your own tears.

"I miss my parents too.." he said, pulling you closer to him, both cried in pain together.

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