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"I'm so tired.." you stretched your arms to the front like a cat.

You still needed to put some things into the box since you would be leaving the company by tomorrow. It was already 10 p.m. and there were less people staying in the building, maybe 3 or 4 people were left.

Slowly, your eyes scanned around the room. It reminded you the time when Jungkook came to your office early in the morning just to give you some donuts and a cup of milk tea. He was such a really sweet guy that day.

Your thoughts then was interrupted by the sound of knocks upon your door.

"Come in." You said but weirdly, no one came, giving you goosebumps. It was getting creepy and plus, who would knock on your door at this late?

Getting your courage up, you walked to the door and swung it open. However, there was no one in sight. So, what was that just now, you'd no idea.

You were about to close the door back when your sharp eyes caught something on the floor. It was a piece of small card with chocolate hazelnut placed on it.

You bent down to check it on. You smiled looking at the chocolate before you looked at what was written on the the card.

'You're a cutie and I'm pitiful.'

"Omo.." a small shy smile slowly curved your lips as you began to blush hard at the sweet words written on the card.

You looked around and saw another card on the left path. Looked like someone had planned this. But, who could be the sender? Why would that person prepared all these?

You began to wonder and walked towards the next card.

'Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself.'

You couldn't help but to feel excited at the lovely cards. You started to walk to the next one and picked every piece of them. There were still a lot more on your path.

'Come back to my arms.'

'I can't give up on you.'

'I want you who wants me again.'

'Love is painful but goodbyes are even more painful.'

'Now I can't live a day without you.'

Little did you know, the sweet cards and chocolates led you to Jungkook's office.

The last card was sipped on the door and you swore, that it was the sweetest line ever.

'I need u.'

With a bunch of cards and chocolates in your left hand, you slowly opened the door using your right hand.

It was confusing at first because the room was really dark, you almost couldn't see anything.

But then, a bright light suddenly hit your eyes, making you flinched a little. The light came from the lcd screen which lightened the room up a bit.

You found a chair that was facing the screen so you swiftly made your way to it. You seated yourself comfortably on it and placed the cards and chocolates that you picked up earlier on the small table in front of you.

Just a few seconds after you sat down, something popped out on the big screen only for you to realize that it was a video when you two got married.

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