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"It has been a month. You should go for a honeymoon with Jungkook." Your dad said, tapping your back.

Both of you were heading to the ground floor, ready to go home.

"I'm busy with work, so does Jungkook." You lied while faking a smile.

A honeymoon? What a good idea. But Jungkook wouldn't be interested for sure. He didn't really care about you. All he cared was work, his girlfriend, and your dad. You were not in the list yet although you were officially his wife.

"Don't worry about work. I just want you to be happy with him."

As a response, you only smiled at him.

"I'll talk to Jungkook. He'll definitely go for his dearest wife." He added, trying to cheer you up.

*Dearest wife? Heh..*

"Okay.." you smiled, feeling delighted and thankful to him. Whenever your dad ordered something to Jungkook, he would never reject it.

So now, for sure, Jungkook would go.

-At your home-

As you arrived at home and went straight to your room, you threw your bag to the bed then quickly searched for your luggage.

You searched for it everywhere only to realize that you'd left it in another room, Jungkook's room. Yes, you two even slept in different bedrooms.

It was what Jungkook wanted. Your dad never knew about this since Jungkook asked you to keep everything as a secret.

Before Jungkook arrived home, you quickly went into his room to find the luggage. You were right, it was put under his bed, making it a little bit dusty.

You sat on his bed and was about to clean the dust off when suddenly, you realized something.

*Oh my god. I'm sitting on his bed.* you squeaked inside. He'd warned you not to enter his room before but who cared?

You immediately dropped the luggage then threw your body into his bed, not wanting to let this golden chance go.

The bed was indeed comfortable but the most important part was, it was filled with his scent. Jungkook's scent.

Slowly, without you knowing, you were dropping off to sleep.

Not too long after that, Jungkook arrived. He went straight into his room, not realizing that you were asleep on his bed.

He was about to change when suddenly his eyes fell at you. He rolled his eyes with a sigh.

With a visible frown on his face, he walked to you and woke you up.

"Taehee-ssi, ireona (wake up)."

His angelic voice woke you up immediately. You blinked your eyes a few times trying to focus at his face.

"Go back to your room." He said without looking at you.

He turned his back to you and you were still there, staring at his back quietly.

Jungkook realized that you still haven't moved an inch, making him a little bit annoyed.

"Aren't you going yet?"

"Oh. Sorry." You apologized and rushed out from the room with the luggage.

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